BMW 2016 320i Xdrive(First time lease/buy)

Hello LH Team,
I had a look at 320i Xdrive with

bmw 320i xdrive


For 24m/12k miles lease

without any down payment and MSD’s the dealer quoted a price for $450.(With Tier 1 Credit)
I am asking for better price, Should I do the MSD or down payment options?
Appreciate it.

I dont recommend down payment because if your car got total you will lose your down payment.

I’m not aware on your MSRP, discount but Looking at you payment its very high.

The MSRP is 40,295 including the packages, sale price is $35000

MSDs give a great rate of return, so forum participants always recommend buying as many as you can vs keeping the money in the bank or stock market. Since each MSD is the monthly payment rounded up to the nearest fifty, there are times that a small down payment can be useful to get your payment rounded down to the nearest fifty.

In this case, sales Price / MSRP is in the 88% range which is high. You should be able to get it in the 70 to 75% range by leasing an executive loaner. Also, executive loaners are often loaded.

For example here is one in the 74% range.

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Tell dealer to get lost. Tell him people get 528i for $450.

just got to my lease spreadsheet and find one you like :slight_smile:

Hi Raphael,

I have a few models I’m interested in buying this weekend in Los Angeles if you can help me.

Sure, send me an e-mail at