BMW 1K Incentive (11/13-11/20)

A salesman told me about this today… Not sure if every dealer is doing it but it’s worth a quick call and then stopping by to take advantage of it. Waiting to hear back if it’s stackable with other current offers (specifically 5 series for myself) Maybe @BMW_Dave can speak more on this?

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Looks like a legit Test Drive Event offering an OL Code which is what we reference on our end. May be Market Specific though since I don’t see anything in my program sheet about it here on the West Coast.

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@KP305 where are you located regionally?

South East >> FL >> Miami. Did a google search of the event and it’s coming up in other states

I’m not seeing it, but one site referenced a drop down on this page with participating dealerships:

Yea I’m not seeing it as well but good catch on the event

barman dealerships in south FL do it this week

ugh them. (20 characters)

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LOL. I’m five minutes from them but I refuse to go. Driving 30 minutes just to not have to deal with their nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, Vista isn’t much better. I’ve heard of good experiences at Coggin.

are the $1000 tied to the dealership where you test drive?

Praying it’s not… Will confirm and report back tomorrow unless someone else knows.

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im prob going to barman as well for some punishment but I want the $1000 in case something comes up worth getting before end of the year.

Drop down is now active on link I posted above. Unfortunately none in Ohio.

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Looks like this is just for the South. Bummer.

I was told today that it is stackable with other incentives :+1:

No love for the West Coast :sob: