BLACK 2018 Volt Lease Transfer - 236 per month with 10K mileage per year current mileage is 4520, $1000 down payment

BLACK 2018 Volt LT with Leather and Comfort package will be available for Lease transfer on Jan 22 ( 6 months completion).

Reason for lease transfer is I bought Tesla model 3.

Location is SanJose, CA.

I made a downpayment of $1500 so I am expecting 1000 back. ( Haven’t got the rebate so not sure after the lease transfer you can apply for CA rebate).

Please reach out to me if anyone is interested.


Is the payment $236 including tax? Picture? Can you share the MSRP on the car?

You will already have applied for the CA rebate, so the individual who takes over your lease can not use the rebate on the same vehicle. Also, per Eligibility Requirements, DMV can look into vehicle ownership for the first 30 months of ownership and rebate can be recouped if vehicle is sold or returned.

Hi Osiq,

I have replied to your PM.

The actual payment including tax is $235.86. Yes you are correct I haven’t and cant get the Rebate as I will not be leasing the car for 30 months. The car comes with HOV Sticker.

Will add the picture of the car shortly .


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As a note to all interested in this deal, you MUST live in CA to take advantage. If you are not in CA, you will not be able to assume the lease, outside of buying it outright.

Will the down payment and disposition fee prorated, as you have used for 6 months?

why would disposition be prorated? Disposition is a flat fee that is in the contract at inception. It doesn’t fall off at the end. Only way to get out of paying disposition is to sell the car outright, or remain loyal to GM at the end of the lease.

Likewise, down payment reduces the overall lease payment to what it is today. He’s asking for all of it back. Outside of him caving as an incentive to sell, you’re on the hook to give what he asks if you want the deal.

for quick lease transfer, changed the downpayment to $1000.


Is your lease for 36 months?

Yes, so the one leasing it will have to lease it for the rest of the 30 months.

You can still get the CA rebate prorated over your ownership period, I believe (6 / 30 x rebate amount)

Thank you for all the inquires and interest guys. Got couple of leads after posting it on Craigslist. Putting this on hold for now. Will come back to the forum if this does not go through.


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