Big Auto Dealer groups and discounts

In general do people find that one dealership group is consistently good at giving discounts and easier to work with than other, or is it just the individual dealers and their management?

It seems like Sonic has been good or really good in the past. @loberant used to give us killer deals and Long Beach BMW continues to, thanks @F30Daniel . Monrovia BMW not so much. Hendrick at certain times seems to be good especially @GAngellBMW and @BMW_Dave

Is it more the right sales people have found the forum from a couple of the bigger groups and are able to pass on the deals when they need to get rid of one quick, or are those groups just run in a way that they can provide better deals? Do we ever see deals from Penske or others?

Would love to hear more on the Big vs small auto group pricing, or even high volume pricing from mom and pops, if there are any left?

Or am I just thinking too much and need to look for the unicorn under every rock?

Things change in life and in auto leasing.

Some dealers accept small margins and make big profits from doing lots of deals. Other dealers sell fewer units but make a good mark-up on those deals they do.

A dealer doing great deals this year may not be so great next year - and vice versa.

That’s where this forum comes in - to share knowledge and deals steer you to the best dealers.

  • happy hunting !
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Curious about the economics of it as much as a question of where to shop currently. Saw a list that names the top 150 groups with revenue. It was interesting to see some dealerships, that I had no idea were more than a local deal group being top 25 in the US and where the groups are located.

There is no “secret sauce” to getting the best deal other than putting in the work to get the best deal

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