Beware of Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie


No one is siding with the dealer but if you know there’s damage to the car, why would you drive it off the lot?


Like there are no unethical clients. Not saying it is the case here. And no one is siding with anyone because no one knows the whole truth.


Consumers are always right, and sales are always scumbags…you should know that by now :grin:


I’m appalled by the amount of people here telling you to drop this. Stick to your guns, be persistent and you will prevail. Keep us updated. Good luck my friend!


I don’t think people want him to just “drop” this. The point of view is that OP shares some responsibility for identifying a problem with the car before taking delivery and still taking it anyways. It’s about being accountable for your decisions.


Any updates from OP? I’m invested now.


I’ve never shirked any responsibility for driving off the lot with a known issue. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have. However, that doesn’t absolve the dealer from liability associated with trying to pass off a new car that’s had previous damage and repairs above a certain dollar amount in Pennsylvania without disclosing it to the consumer.

Give the consumer the opportunity to make an informed decision based on actual knowledge about the condition of the car. At a certain price point, maybe a consumer would be willing to live with the previous damage/repairs, but don’t force the consumer to pay just as much as somebody buying an undamaged/unrepaired car and then force that consumer to further repair the car. What if there are currently-unknown latent defects in connection with the previous repairs that arise over time?

At the end of the day, the most appalling thing about the experience is the arrogance of the dealer and complete lack of proper customer relations expected of a premium brand dealer. I was expecting a Nordstrom’s-like customer service experience, but instead got a K-Mart-like “all sales final” experience.

For those wondering, I continue to work with the PA Attorney General and Alfa Corporate. Thanks for the messages of support.


Well honestly all sales are final. This isn’t like returning a shirt you don’t like. The car sale was reported to dmv and I have no idea if that can be even reversed.


Probably can’t be reversed 4 weeks after the sale, but could’ve easily been reversed the day after the sale, when I first brought the issue up to the dealer.


What would make you whole?

Fixing the car?

A new one to replace it?

What are your expectations?

I’m asking sincerely.


See the first post in this thread for my 2 “make it right” options


That may be asking a lot… The trade is gone, they can’t just recreate it the original deal and unwind the whole thing.

I don’t know man. I keep putting myself in both your shoes and the dealer’s shoes and the most logical way to deal with this (in a business sense) is to try to pay to have the damage completely fixed and just turn back the car at lease-end so it’s no longer your problem…

Is the car’s main functionality disrupted from the damage?


I don’t know . . . do you know if the trade is gone? Then we’re back to having only one option. Unless the dealer wants to propose something different, and that goes substantially beyond their “repair” offer to-date.


What proof do you have that the damage is above the threshold? Are you assuming it is, or do you have concrete evidence? A bowed bumper and a couple missing clips doesn’t automatically indicate the damage was above the threshold to report.


It would be up to the dealer to furnish retail-value repair receipts. The car has clearly had previous bodywork done to it based on the professional opinions of 2 different body shops.


Well, best of luck OP. I think the dealer definitely owes you some sort of satisfactory resolution, but I just don’t think this situation calls for a whole new car… that would mean thousands in further losses for the dealer if they took your car in and gave you a new one at no additional cost to you. It would be cheaper for them if you took them to court over it.


I too am unconvinced that a new car is warranted in regards to the situation. I think that ship has sailed a LONG way back as the window on that scenario was really small to begin with but I do, however, find the dealer’s lack of effort to make you reasonably happy severely lacking. I’d like to think that they they’d have gotten ahead of this issue when you pointed out the damage upon delivery and simply offered right then and there to have the car inspected by a reputable shop and fixed to Alfa standards along with an apology for not catching it when they prepped the car…