Beware of Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie


Amen on the dealer customer satisfaction part


Forgot to post the photo of the mid-aligned body panels. I’m now convinced that this dealer has no intention of “making this right”, as they originally promised. I’m now convinced that Auto Express knee full well that they were selling damaged goods.

We’ve filed a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, so we’ll see where this goes.


Let us know how it shakes out.

Anyone want to take the over/under this is a manufacturing defect? Feels like something FCA might do…


Ooo that is obvious. Good luck.


That’s not misaligned… It’s straight up bent.


Looks like some clips are broken…


Sooo…am I misreading this? You talk of them denying responsibility, not stepping up, etc, etc. They are offering to fix it. Where is the problem? Is your issue that the bumper cover was resprayed? As mentioned in this thread, that is quite common with new vehicles. If this one wasn’t missing some clips, you would never have known and you’d be perfectly pleased with the car. And what would you have to disclose? “Some clips had to be replaced”? I think not. Mountain out of a mole hill comes to mind.


I wonder if OP at this point is looking for “damages” for they inconvenience and time.

Dealer has offered to fix the problem, I just don’t know what exactly would make OP happy. A check for emotional distress?


I assume by your posting that you are connected somehow with Auto Express. Either that, or you’ve missed the whole point of the original post: I didn’t contract to buy a Stelvio with previous damage/repairs. I bought, what I thought, was a brand new $52k car. Why on earth would I be content with the dealer just offering to pay to fix my brand new car? This dealer is selling cars with previous undisclosed damage/repairs (including missing fundamental safety hardware).

Seems to me that if you’re going to sell previously damaged/repaired cars to the buying public,you better disclose it and discount these cars accordingly. And, if you’re a dealer, and you find out that you’ve just sold one of these previously damaged/repaired cars to an unsuspecting buyer, without disclosing it, you better do everything in your power to reverse that fraudulent transaction, or promptly replace it with the exact same car in proper condition.


Post deleted by user.


Sure. Anybody who has no vested interest could possibly disagree with you. There could be no third party who reads this and thinks “this is an unreasonable customer.” Alrighty. Whatever makes you feel better.

Now at least you know for the future that misaligned body panels means it has been hit and/or removed. I would have thought most people know that. I wouldn’t buy a new car like that, but I have leased a vehicle that they had to respray the bumper on before I took delivery.


Look, the way I see it is this… It was your responsibility to inspect the car and make sure everything was above board before taking delivery. You accepted what the dealer told you initially and went home with it.

I get being upset, but at a certain point, the dealer is just there to sell metal and move on to the next sale, its a business after all. I think the expectation is safe to say that they probably did not expect you to be a life long customer considering you live almost 1k miles away. I’m not saying they intentionally wanted to make your experience crappy… They just wanted to sell that stock number for the most amount of money they could get away with and they did that.

You still have new car factory warranty and they offered to fix the broken damage. Many car buying experiences are from perfect and while I don’t think you should ever lower your expectations you should definitely set them accordingly.

Simply put, shit happens and it’s just a lease that can go back and not be your problem. I say take advantage of that and drive it like you stole it.

I’m not trying to denegrate how you feel about it, just presenting an alternative point of view.


On my Volt the front passenger door was catching on something halfway when opening and the window on the same door was popping in and out of alignment when rolled up and down. I noticed this a few days after taking delivery, and my first instinct is to suspect damage, but the mileage was so low that it didn’t make any sense. Who knows though? I decided not to make a federal case out of it, I just brought it in, they ordered the parts and fixed it all under warranty, it’s good as new now. Biggest difference here is that I live 10 minutes from the dealership, not 1000 miles away. If they are offering to pay for the repairs that might be the best you are gonna do here, but as long as it’s done right I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.


Let @justin sutton take care of it. Afterall all he is the dealer of the month thanks to LH


Might as well tag it right if it hasn’t been done so @Justin_Sutton. That other Justin is in for a surprise lol.


Justin’s had almost 3 weeks to take care of it but he hasn’t done anything.


Salesman doesn’t have any weight here. He’d need to get approval from higher up the food chain.


Higher ups must have approved his use of this site to bring in a large number of long distance customers. With that said they clearly should step up and make this right


I don’t necessarily agree with that. A sales mgr isn’t going to care where a sale is coming from. Idk if this guy desks his own deals or not, but where those ups are coming from isn’t going to matter.


Again call alfa corporate and they will comp all your maintenance and give you a freebie add on. I got the dog mat for the back seat. You’re beating a dead horse. They said they would fix it, you’re not going to get a new car. Just take the freebie and the repair and blast them on the survey if that’s what you feel is necessary