Better to lease More or Less Miles

If I lease a car knowing Ill be turning it in to lease another am I better off leasing 7k mi per yr and trading it in before the lease is up or leasing what Ill actually use about 12k yr?

Leasing a BMW x3

Get what you’ll actually use

With BMW, you can also purchase miles at a slight discount to the contracted amount before lease end (something like $0.22 vs $0.25 on a X3). This might allow you to lease at 10k/yr. However, if you are certain on your usage it’s probably best to just to lease for 12k.

Why would you be better off going over miles? The dealer will just roll in whatever negative to the next deal. Especially bad idea with a bmw since the miles are pricey. I’m not following your logic


Not to mention they never hold their value relative to the artificially high RV, so the likelihood of selling and, at best, breaking even, is unlikely.

My guess is OP sees buying less miles and selling it before term is cheaper than buying more miles and grounding it. Not likely to happen in a Bimmer though.

I don’t believe BMW allows 7.5K mile lease on X3. You’re able to do that with X5 but not X3, I’m 99% certain. Double check if you can.

Isn’t Kansas football leasing Les Miles for a couple seasons?

Oh you mean cars. Lease only what you need, errr a little high if unsure. The residual hit is usually minimal up front


S. FL I think is the exception to this.