Better filter MA brokers


If you go and filter the marketplace by the state of Massachusetts it still shows deals by brokers that won’t touch Mass. Is there some way that we can make it easier to figure out who will deal with our RMV rather than having to message each broker one by one? Thanks!

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reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge

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Sure, but what about all of the other people that come to the site and don’t know that?

there isn’t a No MA but include all of the North East setting unfortuantely.

If you call the top 2 , those are usually sponsored any may not work in MA.
All these posts are tagged ‘ma’. If any of them don’t deal with MA, they should remove the tag.

None of those posts are tagged ‘MA’, I see North East in their tags.

You’ve to open the post to see full list of tags e.g.

My apologies then, so which ones aren’t MA?

2 brokers actually made changes since I posted this. I spoke to one personally and they said they used to work in MA and just forgot to change it. Looks like all anybody needed was a quick reminder that they were still showing up in the MA bucket!