Better deals on Presidents' Day?

I’ve heard people say “you get the best deals on Presidents’ Day”

I posted a few days ago asking for advice on which car to move to since my lease is up in a few months and it looks like I’ve already got some equity in my car. Unfortunately after looking at all of your suggestions, the only cars I like are priced out of my budget so now I’m wondering if I should stay in my lease until later next month and try again?

Is it true that Presidents’ Day usually yields better deals?

I’m looking at the MDX with adv tech pack (msrp 56,400) and the Mazda CX-9 Signature ($44,000) both of which oddly are giving me similar lease numbers of around $700/mo right now and I’m trying to be at $500/mo or less.

Both mazda and Acura are telling me there are no incentives out right now and that’s what’s making their monthlys so high :-/

I’m considering just leasing another Platinum Highlander if I can’t get anything else as fully featured in my budget or I still have the Denali Acadia to check out but it’s online reviews weren’t great and it’s interior looks a little truck-y.

You can have a look at all last years deals. I find it helps give an idea of what they do.