Best Way to search deal in area

So over the last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time here and edmunds. I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to find lease deals for me area. I’ve made a few posts on Edmunds to get numbers like incentives, RV, and MF… plugging these into the calculator to get some ideas of what is available to me as I am quickly finding out that dealers tend to not be all that honest. Shocker I know.

I’m in the Market for a truck. Want a daily driver… I’m open to different brands, models, trims… engine types. The only thing I definitely want is 4x4, extended cab. Outside of that I’m open to gas or diesel and size, trim etc. It really boils down to getting a great deal. So I guess my question is… how does one find out what is available to them in their region without asking edmunds forums for MF and RV and incentives for every single trim option and model for each manufacturer. Seems like there might be a better way to search style of vehicle by area to see how leases compare to each other?

Use search function and check out Marketplace. Usually has area where the deal is being posted from. Brokers are posting their deals but at least it let’s you know what pricing is achievable. With that info it’s all about putting the legwork yourself in achieving said deal.

Hire a broker if you don’t want to do the research.

Also check out shared deals.

This same question has been asked at least a dozen times over the last month.