Best time to reach out to brokers?


We’re flexible on when we sign a lease and would prefer to hold till the best deal. Is there a better time to reach out to a broker? (ie. end of the month, a week before the end of the month?)

Also, we’re in the market for a Volvo XC90 - is there a broker that really specializes in that?

Thanks in advance!

They tend to have the same new car deals throughout the month. You can occasionally see a better deal with loaners.

Since you’re in NY I would highly recommend Quentin @nyclife

Beginning of the month once we’ve updated all of our pricing. If you contact me in the last couple days of the month, I likely won’t respond until the start of the new month.


Thanks - is now a good time to reach out? I e-mailed you a week ago I believe. Is there any issues around July 4th (or better deals for that holiday?)

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Holidays rarely mean better deals

Sometimes, some brands get extra cash for example the CRV got an extra $500 DC on the last Friday right before memorials day. But it largely depends on inventory size.
I highly doubt that happens for July 4th though. I see new inventory in double digits at dealers that used to have atleast 500 to 600 cars.

Shoot me a message

This. Beginning to middle of month.

End of month, it’d better be on a pre-baked deal with no huge complications or it’s likely getting shelved until next month.

Flexible timing - two powerful words a buyer can use to get a great deal. Nicely done. Here is some food for thought.

If your flexibility extends into the Fall/Winter, the rule of thumb is your best time to strike a great deal is a. model year transition window (which varies by model but most happen on/before Labor Day) and b. last week of December since dealers are chasing volume bonuses.

Great deals are harder to find at the moment. A few current market environment observations. 1. Dealers are not discounting cars aggressively given the economic slowdown. Quite the opposite, dealers are reducing discounts and instead are working to maximize per unit profit in their current deals. Normally, a great deal comes from a dealer accepting a deeper discount in order to lock in a profitable volume bonus. Dealers are not chasing volume right now. 2. Inventory is tight. You may not find a model optioned the way you want right now. Also, tight inventory = less discounting.

So all this suggests you should wait and prepare yourself to pounce once the market naturally swings to a more favorable deal window later in the year.

But, I suggest you remain opportunistic. Get on a brokers radar now and let her/him know what specific model/trim/options/color you want and let them know you are ready to act when the price is right. Let them know you can wait for the Sept or Dec buying window. Be respectful of a brokers time so keep it brief and come across as a serious buyer and not a looky loo. Check in again in early August as a Sept reminder and again in Nov as a Dec reminder. Meanwhile, keep up to date on leasing terms via and if you see something exciting on your Volvo reach out. Something might happen between now and Sept so be ready to lease when the numbers are great. As someone mentioned, Costco is running a Volvo deal now so maybe the time is right. By getting on a brokers radar now they can keep you in mind if a deal comes around you don’t want to miss.

Happy hunting.


Ah, I don’t think we can hold off till Fall/Winter, but what I mean is we don’t need it immediately. Our plans are flexible so we can hold off for a couple of weeks if it seems there’s a better opportunity on the horizon.

Costco’s $1,250 will be gone for another year after June 30th. If you have it, of course.

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Looking for XC90 T6 Mom 7 Seater with Advanced Package (360 camera etc)

Just got these two to look at - any thoughts?

Both 36/10k

Deal 1:
MSRP/Retail $61,140.00
Selling Price $52,905.00
Rebate $1,250.00 (Costco)
Residual: 61%
MF: 0.00168
Down: $4000

Government Fee $331.00
Proc/Doc Fee $300.00
Capitalized Taxes $2,534.48
Acq. Fee $995.00
Adjusted Cap Cost $56,506.69

Total Payment $567

Deal 2: I don’t have much info on this but was sent via text:

$60,495 msrp
$525 includes tax
$3475 + $525=$4,000 total out

Looks like both have the Advanced package, but some variations of accessories.

There’s tons of XC90 data points on this forum… did you check any of them?

New or Demo?

I did and have been checking against all the deals I’ve seen so far. These are deals I’ve received at this point and checking to see if these make sense to those who’ve done them before.

My first lease

Both are new.

NJ or NY dealer. I recommend NJ because you can do MSDs to reduce Money Factor.

On is in Maryland, the 2nd deal is in NJ

The MD discouraged MSDs (suggested they would only reduce the monthly by $12) - the NJ hasn’t said anything about it, so that’s good information to know!

Noob here, I just did my first volvo lease. Not in your region, but my dealership guy told me that Volvo reworks the lease incentives on a quarterly basis, and Q3 isn’t likely to be as good as Q2, which ends on June 30. For reference, this past weekend I picked up a S60 T5 Inscription for 393/mo on a 36/10 with only the first month due at signing. It included 4550 of incentives, plus a lot more dealership discount in play, because of it being a prior service loaner. I’d imagine dealers are less willing to take a hit on the XC models b/c they are more popular, but I’d say give your dealers the price you are comfortable with right now and if one agrees, shoot.

Might be worth looking around the country, Eddy’s of Wichita advertises that they’ll ship vehicles nationwide.

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Okay, dealers can lie, they’re people.

That is marked up. It’s base I know for NJ is 0.00148 I think for this trim. msds reduce to 0.00098.

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