Best "Throwaway" short team deal in the NY/NJ/CT/PA areas?

The leases have changed drastically from the old $99/mo i3 deals. Really struggling to find anything worth getting into. I have a 330xi coming out of lease in two weeks. I was at $369/month with $0 down besides MSDs at 15k/yr.

Are there any cheap short term “throwaway” deals? In the summers I consisntely put 300miles a weekend and need something with around 12k a year just for these drives. If it has carplay/android auto I am happy. Anything sub 300 with 0 down?

Not really looking for another “luxury” car at double the price.

Maybe Nissan, not sure if their residuals have changed though.

Buy. Or short term Volvo had some deals

Nissan Altima really. Other than that try to finance a low $20s Corolla.

the 5 month Volvo is actually cheaper than Altima.


5 month volvo? Can you elaborate?

I cant do deals outside of NYS for the 5 month program though

Yea based on the tag I thought they wanted NY

Sorry I am dumb didnt see it

At one point & I believe BMW still is offering 60 day extensions which would delay the need to get into something else. Maybe worth checking into if you haven’t already extended.

Did do the 2 month extension. Any further extensions would have to be accompanied with an ordered new BMW. The numbers just don’t make sense, especially paying double for the same exact vehicle minus the new infotainment screen.

Ended up picking up a 5 month Volvo deal with @thevolvoguy to get me through the immediate need.

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