Best Sporty lease for <$250?

I’m looking to lease something for $0 down and less than $250 a month. Sporty >200 hp in a sedan or hatchback configuration.

My only option currently seems to be the Hyundai Elantra Sport (manual w/ premium) for around $220 a month. However, I would prefer something a bit nicer if possible for a bit more money… I can’t seem to get the Elantra sport to my target of $190 in order to make this a deal if be happy with.

I test drove a Q50 as well. Seemed too slow in 2.0t form and would be hard to get below $250 anyway I think? I do like Volvo S60 but feel again $250 may be out of reach.

All suggestions appreciated!

You made a very similar thread 6 days ago. Why not just continue the chat there?

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It was sidetracked by an Elantra sport conclusion. I went with that. Found the best deal I could with a lot of emails.

Deal wasn’t as great as I’d have liked so it’s now my Plan B.

Hoping for other suggestions in a fresh thread.

try the WRX base, good car and quick. and they do lease well only thing is the MF buy rate is .00145

Compared to rivalsQ50 in 2.0 sounds painful

You can probably negotiate your way into an Optima SXL for under $250 (MSRP $29k)

Slightly over with tax but worth it

No drive off

Will def. consider the Jaguar thank you! (Base model seems kinda ugly though?)

I looked into Wrx and they seemed like a very bad lease deal. Will check again.

Any thoughts on a base model Volvo S60?

Checked Wrx. Assuming I could get lowest truecar price ever.

It comes out to around $260 a month for a base model. Too high for what you get in my opinion unfortunately.

you can always negotiate lower than truecar.

Do you have a WRX. I test drove today and really love it!

Would lease this if I can somehow get a sign and drive for below 250 a month on a base 36/10

The base WRX may be under 300 with 0 out of pocket, and it is an amazing vehicle, I do not own one but it is my next vehicle as soon as I can get out of my Scion FR-S lease. Im trying to transfer it to someone