Best small SUV Leasing now? NJ


Lease up on 2020 KIA Sportage in June. Sportage leases seem terrible now and I’m just looking for a similar size small SUV, looking for advice or pointing me in right direction. Offered 5k over buyout from autotrader.

wait 24 hours for the new programs to start.

18 month extendable to a 24 on a rogue is going to be your best bet.

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What would those numbers look like?

depends on trim, etc. send me a pm or text 732-779-2587 when the new programs come out.

I don’t think you’re doing yourself a favor or saving any money by serially leasing in a segment that doesn’t lease well.

Your best bet may be to buy out your lease or put the equity down on financing a brand new one.

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