Best small SUV/cross for 30k?


I don’t think the OP is reading anymore. I didn’t realize this was from august when I posted either…

I am here, just reading along…LOL. I have nothing to add of value so I am just sitting here quietly nodding.

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Okay, I do have something to add. I wear lots of vehicle hats, and sometimes that’s hard. I am a Mom of 4 daughters, an executive, and my oldest daughter who is in an neurodiverse rehabilitation-type 2 year program [] may be able to get her license at 28…never thought I would see the day. I also have a national level athlete turning 16 who I know will have the college of her choice. I have 3 cars to buy, including one for myself, and I am spoiled :slight_smile: I also do security research by trade so I over analyze everything. So, this feedback is all valuable - thank you.


It was revived by someone else yesterday

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Well anything Toyota or Kia you’re interested in feel feee to let me know! More so Toyota in Texas as Kia I’ll have to ship. Plenty of msrp deals for Toyota near you. Happy hunting!

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i could spot a fellow over-analyzer from a mile away.

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Freezes pretty much mean EV/PHEV’s are out…where is the college-bound heading…know yet?

How tall is your family, I’d suggest having them sit in the vehicles to see how they all fit. Like already mentioned CX5 as all safety features that are important come standard. Otherwise Corolla Cross and some good tires. Check tire rack ratings.

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No doubt… I have spreadsheets. The problem is that it’s all important in each of our use cases for buying a car :slight_smile:

Good point on height. Tall ladies! I know the touchscreen on the CX5 is high, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Corolla Cross, I like too, I read an article that made me want to research something, but I haven’t followed through yet. This weekend while UT plays Texas Tech :slight_smile:

I think she will end up at UT - maybe OK as there is a coach there she adores. We are just so blessed she will have so many options. Until then…I drive and drive some more! HA! ugh.

AWD’s biggest advantage over 2WD is that it gets you moving in ice or snow: better acceleration!

What’s really important to remember is that AWD’s surefootedness during acceleration isn’t reflected in braking. AWD doesn’t help you brake, at all. If anything the extra mass makes your braking distance longer.

Look for tires with the “3 peak” symbol regardless of what drivetrain you get.

This is helpful, thank you! And also thank you for giving me another research project to start (tires)

Not sure if this is still the case, but the system turns off the touch capability while the vehicle is in motion. You can only use the system through the control knob when actively driving (which is really how all system should function, IMHO).

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The “3 peak” symbol will narrow down your options a lot, reducing the over analysis.…great reading on this. Thank you.