Best small SUV/cross for 30k?


can’t trust my wife’s driving without backup camera, park assist like features will be nice, but not that important I guess. I guess I need something for few years before markets normalize, without spending too much.

Are there any discounts on these cars or is it more about finding a dealer who can do MSRP?

Mazda has the best interior very easily. And no CVTs. Standard AWD on the CX30 at least.

Toyota interior quality is a joke in comparison to most makes these days and Subaru isnt far behind. New Honda interiors are right behind Mazda. But I dont know that the new CRV is available yet. And the HRV is fairly underpowered. Never buy a Honda turbo right now. Would never consider another Hyundai/Kia product.

Every new car built has a backup camera. I can get you Toyotas in your area if interested.

Text if you decide on Toyota.


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Why the Cross? The Corolla hatchback and sedan are direct competitors to the Civic.

You probably don’t need AWD but just from a value retention perspective you should consider Subarus like the Impreza and Crosstrek.

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To be very blunt, almost no one cares about any of these things.

The main consideration for any financed car should be value retention.

If/when the OP or @jogger finds out at resale or trade-in time that the Mazda cost them, say, $5,000 more in depreciation then they’re gonna feel pretty dumb.

nobody cares about the interior materials or looks of the cars they pay for? Thats interesting. Quite a take.

Why arent we all driving Corollas then? Why do people not always buy the base trim? Why are people getting BMWs when they have some of highest depreciation rates in the industry.

Its almost like…and forgive me for thinking something so foolish…that people care about the looks and feel of the cars they pay money for every month. I know I know…its crazy.

We were all driving Corollas. That’s one of the reasons why it’s the best selling nameplate of all time.

We’re not driving that many Corollas now b/c we’re all driving CR-Vs and RAV4s. These cars sell well, in part, b/c the vast majority of the car buying public in the US couldn’t care less about interior quality or which transmission a car has, as long as it’s not a manual. People want reliability, convenience, relative fuel-efficiency, and a known quantity. These are not ground-breaking revelations.

lol good lord people. This forum really gets lost in its own sauce sometimes.

You may wanna take a peek at the most sold vehicles in the USA. Heres a hint…they are the furthest thing from fuel efficent. And not know for reliability.

And how weird that theres no Corolla in the top 10. Wait a minute!!! Whats this!!! Prius no longer sells??? But its one of the most reliable cars on the planet while also being extremely fuel efficient. How can this be!!! Ive now learned it cant possibly be its looks. Nobody cares about that.

Unless…hmmmm…maybe people give little thought to reliability and fuel economy when they buy their shiny high trim vehicles? Nah…cant be.

Funny that you specifically list the CRV. One of the least reliable SUVs in the world this last generation. A Nissan is in the top 10. A Jeep. This is rocket science here…

jesus you guys are being ridiculous lately. if the car depreciates 30% faster but they enjoy driving it 100% more who really gives a shit?

@miswip definitely stay away from the encore, gx, and trailblazer. you can get a low end Tuscon for around 30-ish. Hell you can get the PHEV model for around $40k and with the rebate it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch. if you can get more time you might be able to see the new model CR-V by the end of the year but that’s a stretch and god only knows where you’ll be able to get one at MSRP. Honestly finding anything desirable at MSRP might be your biggest hurdle.

What rebate would that be?

isn’t the tuscon phev still able to get the tax credit?

Yeah, I’m quite familiar w/ the fact that the top 3 are trucks from US brands. And the other 7 are 5 Toyotas and 2 Honda. So not really sure how pointing to the list supports your argument. You want to argue that nearly all Toyotas and many Hondas don’t have a reputation for reliability? That’s fine; but you’d be alone in that argument.

Can you point to any reports that indicate that this is an accurate statement? B/c you realize that Volvos and Range Rovers are also SUVs, too? You’re really going to argue that the Honda CR-V is less reliable than one of those?

You have certain criteria when you look for a car. The vast majority of the car-buying public in the US doesn’t share your opinion. Not sure why you’re taking it so personally.

Nope. It got axed by the NA build requirement

quite the opposite. I drive whatever is the cheapest most fuel efficent car I can lease. But I live everyday in america and see what people drive. To believe people are out there pinching pennies looking for some fuel sipping affordable care make me wonder if you get out much.

by the way…repos are up 33%. Shame all those penny pinchers focused on spending the least amount of money for a base trim Civic are getting their cars repoed. Ya hate to see it.

Feel like im taking crazy pills. To think Americans buy cars in a fiscally responsible manner based on research of reliability and gas mileage is beyond insane.

Hondas and Toyota, two of the biggest brands in vehicles worldwide sell a lot of cars? Man thats a tough one to believe. lol.

Honda has had transmission issues for years across the line. But the turbo engine in the CRV has been a giant problem with fuel in the oil. And has electronics problems generally.

I see that your MO is making personal attacks and totally distorting what other people say. So I see no reason to respond to your posts any further.

even for the remainder of the year? i thought that didn’t kick in until 2023? if it is gone, did kia lose it on the sorrento as well?

The North American assembly requirement is the only part that has already gone into effect.

Nothing Hyundai or Kia makes gets the tax credit currently.

As people get older they want reliable car that will get them where they need to be luxury be damned

well shit that sucks