Best sedan for 250 a month?

What is the best sedan I can lease for 250 a month with 0 down 0 due at signing? Preferably 36/12k. Open to anything!

I am also interested in this ? Any suggestions ?

Look thru the Marketplace for ideas. VW and Toyota are posted by @rubbergash and @Cody_Carter respectively

@nyclife said the Elantra was leasing well a couple months ago

Look at “Share a Deal” section to see what others have paid for Civic etc

Civic EX-T. You’ll want the 1.5 turbo.
May not lease the best, but you’ll have a hard time getting a better car for your money.

a loaded leftover Jetta SEL

Define “Best.”

To someone, “best” would be a loaded Sonata. To others, a stripped down 320i for the status of the badge would be best.

You’re going to get 20 different people with 20 different opinions on what they feel is best.

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Camry SE. Much better than any Hyundai or VW

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Agree the answer to OPs question is subjective…
Apparently Sonatas are not selling well. Mid year refresh adds features and lowers prices… perhaps deals ?

PLUS models not out yet despite press release. Sales are terrible so lots of OLD stock (non-PLUS) on the lots. Sonata SE can be leased for well under 250/month.

Need to adjust parameters in the attached link. Depicts a reasonable offer for that model.

Not sure where you can lease a Camry SE for 250/month; not here in the Midwest.

That’s under 250/mo, but a pretty meh deal IMO for a stripper Sonata.

They might both be called “SE” but you’re comparing a base Sonata to the 3rd trim on the Camry.

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Good point, but it’s probably safe to say these threads are almost always searching for the lowest payment (or sometimes the best “value” although that again is subjective)

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New Camry is pretty nice (for a camry for sure)
Standard Toyota Safety Sense vs. standard BLIS on Sonata.

Press release says Sonata Plus models are on sale now, any idea when that actually means?

You probably don’t want that particular turbo engine:

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Damn that sucks. U sure no recall yet ??

They somewhat did a mid year refresh as in they added more things to the car standard dependant on the trim or something like that.

@ncbill I have read all the threads about this. Apparently the issue is only from cold starts in cold climates on short drives, although people in more temperate regions have reported the problem as well. Honda publically stated that it does not affect wear and tear on the engine and there is a software upgrade to curb it in the CRV in China. Not sure about America yet, but as I plan to lease the civic and not buy it does not seem problematic enough to turn me off from the car. If I was purchasing a car with this engine however, It may have implications for long term use. I guess we will find out in 8 years.