Best options similar to Santa Fe Sport

Hi all,
New here, but I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a valuable resource. My wife is currently looking for a new mid-size SUV and the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, fully loaded, is the front runner. However it seems that this car may not offer the best value from a lease perspective.

Could you recommend any similar models I might want to consider that would be either comparable or better to the Santa Fe and have more favorable lease terms? Seems the XC90 might be one option?

Thanks for your help

The XC 90 is a much larger vehicle and multiple classes up. Santa Fe Sport compares to Chevy Equinox, CRV, Rav 4, CX 5, Escape, etc…

You can do a search for these and see what others have paid. Good luck.

Understood, but it seems the lease price of the CC90 may not be too wildly different. I’d say my limit is about $600/Mo.

You can definitely get an XC90 for that. You can easily get below $600 if you put down some security deposits to reduce the money factor.