Best option to get out of a 2018 Tiguan SEL lease 10 payments left

(FL) Have 10 months left on my 2018 Tiguan SEL ($384/month) I put $0 down (still not best deal, but whatever). Am not using the car much due to pandemic and both wife and I are working from home. Residual price is $18,855, not sure if there is a disposition fee (can’t find the lease documents).

I’m at roughly 16k miles out of 30k on the contract.
Lease is through VW Credit.

So 10 payments left $3,849.50 + the $18,855 = $22,705. Carvana offered me $21,950.

Taking it in to the dealership to have them check it out and make me an offer. Would love for them to just take the car and I save myself the last payments + insurance, how realistic is that? Anything else I should be considering?

The car is in excellent condition save for one ding on the door, and a plastic reflector that needs to be replaced on the bumper.

Try vroom and whatever other buyers are available near you including carmax. Should be no disposition if it’s bought out.


You need to call and ask for your dealer payoff. VW can up your payoff if it’s going to a dealer.


Try vroom. Wait until the last few hours of the offer, see if they send you an E-mail offering you more. My girlfriend just bought a used car, so just out of curiosity I got quotes for selling it. Vroom offered 13,450 and 48 hours to accept the offer. 40 or so hours later they sent an offer for $13,950. She just bought the car, so she wasn’t planning on selling it, but it would be worth waiting the 2 days to see if they offer a little more!


Does VW consider Carvana/Vroom as a dealer? I thought they only consider their dealers as ‘dealers’ and consider Carvana/Vroom as guys with licenses that sell cars.

They are considered a third party dealer.

Thread is pointless without this info. OP’s negative equity is going to be a lot higher than initially assumed.

OP, PM me to reopen when you have it and have read the LH article on exiting/terminating leases early.