Best music service?

I appreciate you like it it but like but most people aren’t looking for what you are. I found the app painful to use.

Comparing lossless audio to XM is like comparing an Edison record to a CD. XM sounds TERRIBLE. It is super compressed and sounds worse than a lot of radio stations.




Now I’m confused, what was the point of uploading it to just download it again?

To have it in your playlist - so you can use it while using the Spotify app and services (carplay, etc.).

I understand the use case is a bit different for people that are 30+ but there’s no way I would ever leave Spotify. Being able to have collaborative playlists with friends and the new party mode have me locked in for life.
I’m a huge Apple fanboy and will stand by every product they make…but Apple Music has a horrible UI. Even using the search feature is frustrating. With Spotify the search results pull up songs, artists, and playlists so you get suggested things you might not have found before. With Apple music you have to specify what you’re looking for. Lossless is a huge plus but unless you’re using a quality DAC with correct headphones you aren’t going to notice a difference. The frequency response on car speakers simply isn’t good enough to notice lossless. Maybe placebo but 95% of the time I bet you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between sources if played back to back.

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Don’t forget listen along in Discord (gaming slack).


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As am I, I stuck with Spotify for a long time. When Apple released lossless for free I switched. I am more than willing to sacrifice UI for audio quality but completely understand most aren’t. Collaborative playlists and party mode? I didn’t even know that was a thing but I am in my 40’s and loathe social media.


In my experience, Tidal has a decent desktop UI but terrible in Carplay. Half the stuff doesn’t load or play. Never had any technical issues with Apple Music.

I can tell the difference between Apple and Tidal using their lossless system’s on CarPlay. Tidal is a lot more buttoned up while Apple has a better soundstage and a punchier bass response. I noticed this both on BMW’s Harmon Kardon system and my hifi set up (Schiit Modius/Magnius with Sundara headphones).


I can’t tell, are you saying that’s a good thing or bad thing? lol

Signs of getting old.

I have Spotify, as my kids have it and it’s a family account.

I rarely use it, and really can’t tell the difference. But my kids can!

FWIW, I used to own over 2000 lps (vinyl!) and easily over 1000 CDs (those I still have…but haven’t touched in years).

Not sure what you asking this about.

Warning for those who find long posts not worth reading - TLDR: For me, it is hands down Apple Music.

I am now in the television/film industry but began in music. As such, I spent years in recording studios listening to mixdowns of various genres in multi-million dollar complexes across the world. As a result, I am very particular about sound quality, recording, and mix engineering. In addition, I was someone who detested streaming music (and even disliked digital files) because of the sonic inferiority. So, while I should disclose I have ties to Apple Music (iTunes), I was not a fan due to the former issue. But, as I tried every service over the years (and still do), none come close in sound quality to Apple. The closest, in my opinion, would be TIDAL, but with so many things tied, Apple offers more flexibility and a better interface experience to me.

I can listen to one of my CDs, stream the same album or song on Apple Music, and not tell the difference. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Amazon Music or Spotify. Apple Lossless audio files match the source. If one can tell the difference, they are not using their ears as the basis of their belief. And as someone who still obtains physical media for all releases, that last part matters a lot when ripping discs to convert my music. I once was still buying/leasing vehicles with a CD player long after being widely unavailable. Once that was no longer an option, anything less than CD quality would be unacceptable. Apple Music is the answer.


wait… what? You mean during trial period …?

Well, there’s the dealer app hack. I wouldn’t bother even with free…its slow torture hearing the same ‘top 40’ on every channel. Confounding folks PAY for it.

interesting. I may try this tonight on my 2010 Escape. lol. I would never pay for satellite radio, but it is convenient when in a vehicle without wireless carplay.

I watch a good amount of YouTube videos. The premium plan gives me ad free videos and YouTube music for streaming. Tough to beat at 10 bucks a month.

I also use the Amazon HD streaming…excellent sound!

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