Best midsize SUV deals right?

just starting initial search helping my brother; any decent semi-loaded mid size SUV deals right now? say in the $3-400 range?
not terribly picky bout brand, just mix of quality/value.


List out what “loaded” means to you, as in individual options…National Lexus NX offer is $0 down and $409/mo…Shouldn’t be too difficult to get a sub $400/mo payment with tax…CRV and Rav4 (even the hybrid) with all the safety features…

X1/GLA/XC60 but depends on the feature set…

But a Kia/Hyundai will be your value…

Should’ve put more detail to begin with. Prob a mix of these:

HID lights, driver memory seats, nav, parking sensors, leather, thinking AWD right now, don’t necessarily need V6 if the 4cycl is good enough.
Rest of the stuff prob come standard on mid to top trim levels.

Let me add Kia Sorento to the mix - $450/month in SoCal for top-of the line SX Limited. RAV4 Hybrids are in short supply, so not too many deals on those - and they don’t have as many features as the Sorento. I’m looking at the XC60, Sorento, Ford Edge, and - out of the SUV zone - Chrysler Pacifica.