Best MF for BMW now?

I am trying to negotiate a lease deal for BMW now.

So far I am getting information from 2 dealer now (waiting for more quotes to come in). Looks like the base MF is 1.31, and with 7 security deposit I will get .86. I am a little bit confused because according to the calculator, I should be able to get .82 with SD, not .86. Did I miss anything?

Is this the best deal I can get right now? Can I negotiate a better rate? I am in SoCal if this helps.

Hi @cafeangel,

BMW has recently increased its base MF to 0.00135. With 7 MSD you will get .00086. We will update our calculator to reflect the recent change. From what I know, BMW’s MF is not negotiable.

Thank you for the explanation.

From you reply, it sounds like the only thing that I can negotiate now is the sale price then?

Not entirely accurate, the base MF can not be negotiated, but dealers can mark it up by .004 for extra profit on the deal which can be negotiated.

And this is why we should call MF without mark-up a “buy rate”.

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That’s correct. I meant given the MF @cafeangel has gotten – 0.00135, which is the base MF-- the MF is not negotiable. What @conanohasselhof points out is definitely something to look out for!

Is BMW base MF .00135 or .oo156 which I see frequently. If it is .00135 and have grandfathered MSD’s , 7 , will get .00086? Is this published anywhere?

@LGrider You are replying to a thread that hasn’t been posted in in over 2 years. The current buyrate MF is .00156. If you can rollover MSDs, the lowest now is .00121 (7 x .00005 reduction per MSD).

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Thank you. Lol I mistook the 16 for the day of the month vs year. Is the current MF published by BMW ?

I remember I say some post said, BMW no longer take MSD any more last summer.

They still do MSD?

They will rollover MSD’s you previously had, so if you put MSD’s down 2 or 3 years ago, you can transfer it to the new lease. You can not put MSD on a new lease though.