Best low price sedan lease deal

My niece is looking for best lease deal on a base model Japanese car at under $250 monthly, 3 years, 36,000 with $0 due at signing. Does anyone know off-hand if there is a particular make or model with great incentives or lease terms at the moment? Chicago suburbs.

If you are in Socal call Cody Carter, he is great!
Other dealers and brokers in the marketplace section can also help you.
Good luck

Cody for corolla and entry level Camry in your range

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A Base Kia Optima was 250-260 last month.

You will get most of the medium trims of Corolla Civic and Sentra for this . Civic Sport would be my recommendation

The cheapest lease I’ve seen this month is the Kia Forte GT-Line. You should be able to get something for $220/month all-in, nothing due at signing. The LXS is around the same price, but the GT-Line has some pretty nice upgrades for roughly the same money.

I’m also in the Chicago suburbs. We aren’t nearly as well represented here as the Northeast and Cali.

Subaru Impreza. Great in the snow and it comes in a sedan or hatch.

Hyundai Elantra value edition. Heated seats are a great feature in winter

Can you share the details of this lease please?

Here’s one:

Here’s another one:

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