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In Orange County, California, I am looking to lease a 2023 BMW 3 series by the end of this year. But rates are insane right now. I’m looking at having to pay nearly double the monthly payment for the same MSRP that I got 3 years ago.

Just wondering what my best options are at this point. My current BMW lease expires at the end of Nov. Do things look to be getting better anytime soon? Should I be hopeful and wait a few months? Out of these options what would be the best? Or are there any other options?

  1. Wait it out, extend my lease 1-2 months and hopefully incentive programs and money factor rates will get better by the end of the year?
  2. Get a new temporary lease on current BMW (for which the monthly payment would surely be astronomical). Can this be done month-2-month? And could I wait out the market for up to a year?
  3. Single payment lease (pre-pay lease) to lower rent charges? (One dealer already told me there is no pricing advantage in doing this)
  4. Loaner or CPO lease…?
  5. anything else??

Probably not happening. Ask again later.

Not really, maybe a lease transfer if you can find one.

You’ll reduce your rent charge, but at the same time, the upfront capital could be used elsewhere. The question is if you really want to put 5 figures in an account, instead of potentially deploying that capital elsewhere as an investment.

Both are possible, loaner more than CPO. CPO programs rarely make sense outside of Porsche in ‘normal’ times

TLDR; Maybe extend your lease, give yourself more breathing room to order something or make a plan on how to get into something in a financially sound way.

Buy a car if you want a bmw or 3 series comparable. Leasing isn’t always good.

The LH calculator will tell a different story. Whatever you do, don’t do any more shopping until you thoroughly understand how the numbers work.

There are some great starting resources here:

And mastering how to use the calculator is among the most useful skills you can learn for the short- and the long term.

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What’s the RV and market value of your current 3-Series? Buying out your current car and keeping it may be a better option.

Does it “HAVE” to be a BMW??? If so, you won’t be less than $560-600 for the 3 series… you could get a KIA for $300-400 Toyota $400-500 (purchase may be better on these) , but anything BMW will cost you. Extend that BMW lease as far as they let you for now… or Buy a Toyota and re-sale value drops just a little bit on those
Rates won’t improve till at least 2024-25

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