Best Lease GLE, MDX, Q7, X5, RX

So helping out my sister in law. They are pretty open to models but I really like the GLE and they seem to as well. She’s had the MDX twice before and I’m not all that impressed with the current generation one. So what do you think is the best lease right now for either one of these models? I was hoping to get the GLE with an MSRP of 61K in the 500-600 range. Is that possible with 15k a year? I know the QX60 is the best deal around but they aren’t a fan of it. What deals have you seen lately, thanks guys.

cheapest in this segment will always be the rx- in the 3-400s is possible and a loaded for probably 4-500

I love the RX. Can’t get a loaded one for $500 in Michigan unfortunately

I would wait for the new GLE next year, this current one is very very old and really shows when you drive it. We ended up with a GMC Acadia Denali instead which was a new model last year and came in at $430 a month. I am also not going to sit here and say that all the materials in the GMC are as nice as the Merc, but 95% of them are and lots of the features are better so in the end there was not much in it.

The Q7 wont lease in your budget and the X5 is also very very old and has a brand new one coming out next year. Have they looked at the XC90? Might be a struggle to get within budget but it is a fantastic car.

XC90 is nice sister in law won’t go for one. I really like the GLE a lot and I know its older but its still great value I think if you get one within the 1% rule. Materials are nice and its def a step up compared to others in its class especially the interior. I know the 2019 will be a redesign and more of a larger version of the current GLC but I wouldn’t expect any decent deals till at the end of 2019 at the earliest. By that time if she leased a GLE now she would only have a year left in her lease and could get a good deal on a 2019 or 2020 at that point. RX is awesome but even that is getting a redesign or major refresh soon they have talked about adding a third row. All of these SUVs are getting redesigns in the next year or two so I think getting something at a great deal now is possible especially closer to the model year end and lease will expire in time for when the new ones come out and are at a decent price point.

X5 isn’t that old came out in MY 14

The RX came out in MY2016 and isn’t getting a redesign soon. They will come out with a new 3-row model, RX350L, next year but it’s going to be an additional model and based on the current RX. The RX is probably the best value right now. Several people on here have gotten great deals on it recently.

yea not a major redesign but will get that 3rd row, with cars getting more autonomous features and SUV segment being hot I do think we will see refreshes sooner than later.

How are you getting RXs in 3-400 range?

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That’s what I am wondering. I got $499 on a $53k MSRP with 1800 due in Michigan.

im here in socal and the base was going for350 a month with 2k due in march now its like 420 with 2k but not a base one

looking at the same suv’s for my wife…

thinking XC90 or RX350 - anyone have luck in south Florida on one of these below $450 - $0 down?