Best lease for under $400? (current lease is up soon, CA)

What’s up guys, long time lurker first time poster.

The lease on my Lexus CT is coming up (it actually expired, I extended and now on a month-to-month), I’m trying to figure out what I can get for $0 drive off and ~$400.

Here are the cars I’m looking at:

A4, A5, A6, 3 Series, 5 Series, Lexus GS, Jag XE,

Would I be able to get any of the above for ~$400? Any other cars I should take a look at? I want something a bit more lux and fun than my hybrid.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you can wait out till November.

You will get a 3 series or a demo 5 series for 400 all in. A5 A6 jaguar not possible I think

what happens in November?

More dealers are willing to discount further to meet year end sales goals and there seem to be more factory promos and rebates/lease cash.

lexus allows up to 6 mo extension from what i remember. I think if you wanted to you could keep CT until Nov. However some of the current BMW deals are really good, not sure if i’d wait.

Is there a difference between a demo car and what one of the sales guys at BMW said was a “car used by one of the executives”? Or is that hot air?

Yes demo, executive demo etc are same. They can all be leased by bmwfs and you could or should get a great deal on them

yeah I have to give the car back no later than nov 2, i’ve been extending it for 4 months already. I can see what deals come up in Oct., although I’ve had bad luck waiting for better deals in the past.

An executive demo is different from a regular demo. The executive demonstration demo cars are usually pretty loaded and we’re driven by BMW executives. The regular demos are usually much more spartan as far as features. Both can be leased.

Right, Mercedes calls the executive demos, “brass hats”.

Have you purchased yet?