Best Lease for ~$300/mo + $0 down

Hey all!

Looking for the best lease with a budget of $300 / mo + $0 drive off (includes tax, title, fees)

12K/36mo in Florida (zip: 34241)

I like the nissan maxima, 3 series, camaro, challenger, mercedes, jag, grand cherokee.

Are there any good deals out there atm?


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Jay or Infiniti might be your only hope but 12k miles is pushing your budget.


Why not go for a Ferrari or Lambo?

Seriously though, I doubt you could get any of those on your list with that budget. Rolling in acq fee and the commonly high doc fees in FL (say they are $1500) is already $41/month.

Iā€™m late to the party here, so you may have leased something by now. But you could definitely make those numbers worth with a 2018 challenger!!