Best lease deals Fl under 300?

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I see a bunch of posts for x2 if I could get that for close to the 200 mark that others are listing for that would be amazing but otherwise I’m looking for under 250 really but would pay closer to 300 for a great deal thanks in advance. Also I don’t mind picking up in nj worst case scenario.

No BMW under $300 in FL.

So is there anything else interesting in Florida under 300 that’s not like a Nissan Sentra or a civic?

@mani_is_kool can prob get you an accord if you look at his marketplace post
Maybe an equinox if you have competitive lease in household.

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So I just got out of a Chevy lease and I have fam that owns altimas also just got out of q50

then gonna by close to $300 for either equinox or terrain. Equinox LS prob a little less.
In comparison, the Accord is a much nicer car, i’d rather get that for around $300 than a stripped Equinox LS.

Gotcha, no competitive leases the

Yeah…I get insanely jealous of all these NE and West coast deals I see here.

This is why I have a lease swapped into maybe 7-8 cars that came from California over the years. Even with the cost of shipping it is still much cheaper.

$1000 shipping?

I have paid as low as about $800, up to about $1300 one time when demand was apparently really high for cars coming back east.

800 is pretty cheap, i’ve gotten quotes around $1000. Kinda offsets the high FL doc fee and other just washes if you shop hard locally.

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Yes, the 800 was definitely a deal. That was also about 4 years ago though too.

The 1300 I paid gave me heartburn, but the 2017 BMW i3 rex it was for at $2500 out of pocket (the lease was paid off, I gave the seller to 2Kplus the $500 transfer fee) to drive it for almost 2 years, was a bit soothing to the burn. The all in cost was effectively around 200 bucks a month even with shipping. Borderline unicorn…If somebody in LA picked this up, it would have been the deal of the century.

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Almost no 2018s left in FL and the ones that are, are made of GOLD (for these freaking dealers)

Maybe by late summer / early fall there will deals on 2019s?

Check with Automation BMW in Delray Beach. They have about a dozen 2018 loaners left including at least 2 X2’s as of yesterday morning. Last month I leased a 2018 X3 M40i and they discounted the car over $13k, leased for $540 mo tax included 36/12k. Included $370 in cap cost reduction. (We agreed to $2k paid at signing to include first payment, new tag, state fees etc.

I agree Florida sucks at leases; I also transfered 2 leases, one from California and my i8 from CT…still way cheaper including the shipping

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Checking with Delay now…thanks for the tip.

Not sure if this helps, but In Florida Last month, I was able to get a few dealers to around $200/month no money down for an Equinox LS. The dealer I ended up purchasing (instead of leasing) had and still have quite a few Equinox 2.0 LTs with the redline package - MSRP $34,6… they were pushing me to upgrade to this model and told me I could be in the upper $200’s/month…but I qualified for every incentive last month, so it really depends on what you qualify for…but wanted to share as I never thought I’d like the equinoxes, but it’s surprisingly comfortable and roomy.

That’s pretty. Solid. What dealer was it?

Where do you find these deals? Like on leasetrader n swapalease? Great idea to sublease off of a California person. Their leases are SO much better than the crap deals we get in Florida. I almost always shop out of state now.