Best interest rates for buyout?

Buying out our Mercedes lease in the next month. Credit is above 750. Any recommendations on banks to finance through? Trying to find below 3% for 48-60 month.

Vehicle is a 2018 GLC

DCU is great and always has awesome auto rates… so easy to deal with too.

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I don’t know your buyout but here’s Lightstreams rates for 40k
2.84 / 2.99


The good part of lightstream is that they’re usually unsecured, no lien on title.


What’s the benefit of an unsecured loan to us when we want to sell the vehicle in the future? Dealing in cash only? Less paperwork?

Less title issues when you sell it

You should be able to get to 2% or lower at a credit Union.

Check out They plug directly into several CUs on refinances and from what I have seen should be an outstanding and simple experience.

Scratch that… I don’t think they are consumer facing anymore. But they list the CUs that work with them.

Unless I’m not checking it correctly, lightstream is showing over 3.8% for “auto lease buyout” at $28k

I’m seeing the same as you are. The example posted above is for a “used auto purchase from dealer”, thus the difference

USAA Bank has used auto loan rates as low as 2.79%. They’re very easy to deal with, but must qualify for membership.

Ugh looks like so many peeps did the buyout and payoff they raised the rates to make a couple of $

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I know a few folks that got their cars totaled and used this option to not get hosed by the leinholder.

Lol neat! After all the doomsayers here keep saying that’s illegal.

But I do believe the flippers are way out doing the insurance ‘frauders’ hehe

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Got approved through DCU at 1.99%, thank you for the recommendation @Britten440