Best Hybrid Deals in SoCal?

I know this is a common thread but I wanted to start my own. I’m looking to get a good hackr deal for my husband, who will be finishing his lease in August. He currently drives a Prius C and prefers it to the sedan look of the regular Prius. Right now, our top choices are the Honda Clarity PHEV, Kia Niro PHEV, and the Nissan Leaf. Is there something I’m missing? I know the Volt is a good deal but it’s too big of a car and he doesn’t like the styling. He prefers the Bolt but those aren’t leasing well. Would it be possible to get a true zero drive off under $250 on any of those top choices?

We are hoping to go test drive the Clarity and Niro on Friday and I’m currently trying to get them to agree to a true zero drive off for $199 before we step foot in the door. I have a feeling they’ll say they can do it but will get amnesia once we start negotiating; but I’ll post the offers and see if I can get more advice then.

There is definitely a lot of discussion on the Clarity, less so on the other two…search the forum.

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I definitely have, and don’t think anyone has gotten a sub $250 lease deal. I guess that’s my answer then, that it’s not possible? I’m just noot sure if anything has changed since the new month has started…

IIRC the Clarity is longer than the Volt by almost a foot.

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Are you open to any hybrid or just those that qualify for the CA HOV sticker?

I know, it’s an anomaly in his style choices but he does like how “regular” the Clarity looks. We both just can’t get into the Volt. It’s a fine car but we’re not tight on cash (just frugal); he should drive a car he likes…

Open to any hybrid, thanks!

With everyone chasing HOV stickers, perhaps the opportunity is in Hybrids that don’t qualify?

With an OL code this wouldn’t be much more than a Clarity Touring (and would be a much nicer and more conventional looking car)

I remember the OL code discussion here a few weeks back. Is it $1k? We wouldn’t qualify for Loyalty or College grad, so it’d be around $420, unless there’s something I’m missing? Ideally, the max we’d like to pay is $300… This would be a very solid deal if I could get it closer though!

The Honda Clarity is a very large car, way way larger than the Volt. But understood he doesn’t like the Volt, and that’s fine!

Edit: I actually think the clarity PHEV is pretty nice if he likes it. It has good tech, nice clean interior, mainly normal look. Not spectacular for leases though, might be better to just buy it and pocket the $7500 federal rebate.

I know someone who has the Clarity and I have seen how it looks up close and prefer it to all the cars, but it’s definitely the biggest one that he’s considering. I’d like to test drive the Clarity and Niro first but maybe we should give the Volt a shot… I keep seeing it in that weird green/grey/tealish color and hate it, but maybe it looks good in other colors…

I think the Volt’s a nicer car if you don’t need the large size, but looks are personal! Clarity is a solid option. Nothing to lose by checking both out. The new Leaf’s are a terrible deal at the moment so I wouldn’t go near those. I think in your boat Volt and Clarity PHEV are the only real options.

What do you think of the Niro? I actually think it’s our best choice overall…

And uglier by at least a mile…

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I don’t like it personally, but take a look!

Will do…I’m seeing the good deals on the Volt and currently trying to see if my husband will be open to checking them out…

Im not a fan of the styling but look at Toyota Miria.
It’s hydrogen so make sure there is a station close by.