Best Deals from Audi in Southern California

Hi I’d like a Q8. Want the dealer to actually pay me to lease it. Thanks looking forward


Do you want a cookie?

Yes! Chocolate cookie

Is it a 2019 or 2018?

Has to be a 2017 or 2018. 2019 MSRP starts at $59k. So I’m guessing a 2018 base model? 1% isn’t bad on a base A6 but I don’t know why you’d pay that much for an Audi if you weren’t going to option it. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting the Audi since the beauty is in their VC and premium tech options

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VC wasn’t available on ‘18 a/s/6/7 and earlier.

Although I do kind of agree that for anyone picking up the blowout ‘18 audi’s you might as well get the higher trims (eg. supercharged v6) since everything else about the car is ancient.

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$400 RS3 please :slight_smile:

Am I the first person to realize this guy plaguarized IvanAudi’s first post? It’s word for word. Link for reference SoCal AUDI FLEET PRICE!

Do yourselves a favor and just go with Ivan.


LOL wow, didn’t even realize.

Crushed! I never saw his first post so I didn’t recognize it.


LOL…I will give him a chance for redemption if he posts some good deals here :slight_smile:

$500/mo SQ5 or ban…


First one to ask gets it!


R8 V10 Plus. I’d like Audi to pay me $90k DAS and $2300 + tax. (20% in my county)

Gotta work smarter not harder.
We can all be at 500 a month on SQ5s just give me the down payment to get there.
I am back couldnt figure out my log in…TEXT ME FOR INQUIRIES

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If someone gets the $500/month SQ5 group buy going count me in.

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Wow, no shame in plagiarizing my post. You couldn’t spend 5 minutes to make your own introduction?


@IvanAudi I’ve deleted the original post. If OP is too lazy to write his own intro, he doesn’t deserve to be here.


Thank you Jon! I am all for other brokers and other salesman posting on this forum but I don’t think it’s cool to plagiarize and claim to be working “smarter not harder”…


“Smarter not harder” by plagiarizing has sleazy salesman all over it. Anything to make a buck right?