Best deals for non lux mid-sized sedans?

Looking for a 24mo/10k lease under $200/month with $0 down (can put in MSD though). Any good deals in the NY/NJ/CT area? I’m open to anything along the lines of camry, accord, fusion, optima, sonata, etc…Do leases also include maintenance work (oil changes, rotations, etc)? How do you also know if a dealer does MSD? When should that be brought up?

The hyundai sonata deal thats listed on the main page has the sonata going for $164/mo. Total lease cost is $7,141. There’s a dealer near me listing it for $84/mo with $3,000 down. Total lease cost is $7,146. I know everyone tries to avoid putting money down but at the end of the day as long as the total lease cost comes out okay that’s all that matters right?

MSDs are done by manufacturer, not dealer. Off the top of my head, Infiniti, Mercedes, Volvo, and Toyota do MSDs, but I’m sure there are a few more as well.

I leased a Mazda in 2014 and just leased a Subaru and neither monthly included maintenance work but both dealerships tried to sell me a maintenance plan that supposedly saves around 20%. I didn’t buy the maintenance plan on either lease.

The risk with putting money down upfront is if the car is totaled, you lose all the money that you put down.

It’s a risk/reward balance. By putting it up front, you risk losing it all if the car is totalled. The reward in this case is saving $5. Would you risk $3000 in cash to make $5?

Those deals are all TTL extra… possibly even acq and doc extra.