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Hearing from multiple Hyundai dealers (and the calculator agrees) that there is no lease cash or incentives for 2023 Ioniq 5 models anymore FYI - Kia EV6s still show $11k

Based on Edmunds 23 MY Ioniq5 lost support on APRIL 1ST.

Didn’t 2024 IO5 have better programs anyway, even before 2023 support ended?

I am not sure. Did not follow the program.
But i am curious what they are going to do with those 42 units of 23MY Ioniq 5.[make][0]=HYUNDAI&_dFR[model][0]=IONIQ%25205&_dFR[type][0]=New&_dFR[year][0]=2023

Same here, its like having 2 phones lol

I’ve learned my lesson to check my insurance premium first. It is inexpensive on the bz4x, but I have my eyes on something else down the road.

EDIT: I have 3 phones - One was free (my kids use it) and the other one is for backup. :joy:

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Trying to hack Mini EV since 2025 has started to arrive at the dealer. This is what I get. Ouch. This dealer has 20+ 2024 Mini SE on the lot LOL.

Lol is that the 110mile range version?

Yes, I do pick their highest trim. Oh well. LOL.

Have you checked with @AutoNinjas ? This is their deal CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


@9benua We can help with this, drop an inquiry if you want to connect!


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cannot find residual/MF or incentives on MINIs 2023 in ratefindr here, do you have some data points?

He’s referring to a 2024

That probably means lease support for those 23s have ended.