Best compact car lease offers?

Hi, new to the forum here although I have been lurking for a while now. I was wondering what would be the compact car to lease right now? I need a new daily driver so I don’t care too much about what car it is along as it is a 4 cylinder. I did rent a Ford Fusion which I really liked but my local dealer is horrible so I haven’t tried to go and see about pricing. What car would you guys recommend? I want to find something under 200 a month with no money down. I am in SoCal btw.

It’s all about discounts and rebates. Are you a recent college grad?

Nope haven’t graduated college

Talked to a ford dealer and the fusion se is going to be 250 with no money down

Ford Fusion is hardly a compact car, maybe Focus is more than. If the range is not a big concern I’d recommend Chevy Spark EV. Don’t know what is the current deal or availability but they were going for $139 not too long ago, plus Clean Air Rebates just got funded so you should be able to get $2500 from them and make your payment for the car around $ 70 plus tax. Instead of going to the dealers you should start with TrueCar or similar and get the best confirmed deal on what you want before setting your foot in the door. You should know this if you, as you say are lurking here for awhile.

A '17 Volt can be had for around $200/month, $0 down…need to do a little work to get that price, but it’s possible.

Also, if the EV funding is back, the Volt would qualify for $1,500, which would definitely bring the overall monthly below $200.

If you need a strict commuter car, the Spark EV is also an option, though I’ve heard stock is very limited these days in CA.

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