Best cheap commuter car

What’s the best cheap commuter car to lease? Looking to put 15k mi/yr on it. No need for anything fancy.

Use the search function dude


GMC Terrain is a great hacker car. I don’t know why everyone is so rude and can’t list some cars for you.

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Base Jetta?

Base Jetta is nice commuter for short drives. I don’t know about being in it 15k a year. I’m in mine 8k a year and that’s plenty enough. Been stuck couple few time on longer drives of 1,5 to 2 hours and hat was no fun at all…
And it’s not that cheap - barely below $200

Because it doesn’t work like this here OP needs to find vehicles that there interested in get some quotes and post back no one will do the work for u if that’s what they wan’t they need to hire a broker.

Buddy of mine just got a Sonata for $160 a month, it’s a base model but has apple car play/ Android auto so it get the job done. He only has 12k miles not 15K, but worth looking into the Hyundai models (sonata, elentra etc) they make solid commuter cars as they have good gas mileage as well.

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Sorry just realized you were on the west coast. He is on the east coast so not sure about West coast deals. May want to hit up Chevy girl on these forums as she usually has great deals.

Because the same question is asked almost daily.