Best cars for 12 month lease?

So as I’m getting ready to head to Houston to pick up a mini cooper s manual later this week for $120 a month for 12 months, I’m already thinking ahead for next year.

Are there particular cars/brands that have strong enough residual values for 12 months that makes leasing that short attractive if you can knock off a bit off msrp? The mini is 76% for 12/15, which I’m sure is inflated.

But anyone know of any cars to keep in mind for the next wave of short term deals?

Seems a tad bit premature considering you have almost another year before needing a new lease…

My 2 cents is that we are in the ‘perfect storm’ for leasing, bases on the following factors:

  1. high residuals, IME due to the shortfall of new car sales 2009-12 and their consequent buoying of used car prices subsequently.

  2. low MF (low interest rates)

  3. great discounts and/or incentives (IME due to the bumper growth in new cars sales every year until 2015, and the subsequent tapering off of that growth…OEMs have bumped up capacity but they are now trying to gain share in a market that is no longer growing)

Conclusionary 2 cents: Mini is the only brand that I know of that has competitive 1 year rates. Everyone else might consider locking in your best deals in the next 6-12 months for the next 2-3 (or even 4) years

The 12 month lease term is an anomaly created by MIni and Loberant. I am not sure you can replicate. I believe his BMW spreadsheet also includes 12 month leases so as long as you like Loberant and Minis and BMWs, you should be set.

You could also try swap a lease for people who have 12 month left.

If you want something even more “casual”, there is always zipcar lol.

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