Benefits of BMW CCA now


I recently leased a new BMW 330xi, about 4 days ago.
Is there any benefit in signing up for the BMW CCA now?
Can I still get any rebates with BMW Car Club of America? What are the benefits in joining?
What offers can I receive now as a current BMW owner (signed the lease 4 days ago)?

$500 rebate check. Hurry though. You have 15 days total after signing.


What type of membership do I need to sign up for?
How do I receive the $500 rebate check?
Thank you!

You need to sign up for 3 year membership. Try using the promo code BMWUDE2019, if it’s still valid it gives you $8 discount.


This! I had forgotten that code.

So if I signup for a 3 year membership now, after leasing my BMW last week, I will 100% get the $500 rebate?

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Please read this page. You will find your answer 100%.


Short answer: Yes; Hurry.

Long answer: So long as it wasn’t a loaner/demo over 1K mi at signing you should be good to go. You also get a cool magazine in the mail monthly!

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Thanks! No it was not a loaner/demo. Less than 10 miles.
The terms say the membership has to be purchased on or before the purchase date of the vehicle though? I would be purchasing the membership AFTER the sign of the lease…
Are there any other rebates or promotions to sign up for? :slight_smile:

Did you even read the webpage?


So they will not accept a demo?

The website contradicts itself. It also says must be a member before or on day of purchase.

Just confirmed via email.
they give you a grace period of 15 days to sign up for the membership.

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