Benedetto's September Midwest Volvo offerings - will ship nationwide

Are you able to order S60 gas or plug in?

Nope - S60s are scarce

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When can I expect for the September deal and What is the best way to contact you? I am very interest in ordering a car asap in Michigan.


I am in the same boat lol just waiting for the September update

Probably won’t be one this month - inventory is very slim and I’m prioritizing previous customers with lease returns.

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Thanks sir! Fair enough though appreciate the kind feedback

Ben, I submitted an inquiry but didn’t get a response back. I’m a previous customer with a return. Thanks

Emailed - also prev customer w a return

@Yhn1031 @ghettoden - please PM me your email address(es).

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September is pending an update …

As previously posted, returning customers w/ lease returns will be handled first, per my dealers.


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Wonder if we can get any remaining inventory :star_struck:

I have a '19 XC60 Inscription lease I got from you coming due in October. Are any of your XC90s equipped with lounge package?

Hi Ben,

Do you only do lease deals? or I can buy with finance?

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Yes, no issues with finance

Hi Ben, I reached out via email earlier. Will you have some time this week or next to help me with my renewal?