Benedetto's Midwest Volvo Deals! - All Models Spreadsheet Inside / We Deliver!

S60 Inscription can come w Luxury seating package

Correct. I just didn’t know that they were ventilated. Nice. That’s one thing I wanted.

Added new units -

One T5 and two T6 R Designs

Ben: any more 2019 t5 momentum or r design with advanced package?

Hey ben, sent an email. Please let me know when you see it! Thanks!

Two enhancements to Line 12 & 14.

Must have contract printed and credit placed by Monday.

Do you have any T6 inscriptions XC90?

Sheet is current for October.

Will be adding new info today so please excuse it being out of order.

New loaners added - T6 Momentum units

Will be new units throughout the month

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Is everything 2019 unless noted as 2020? If interested how should I contact?

Reached out via e-mail - please contact me once read! :slight_smile:

Title says willing to ship. Did I miss somewhere where you state the fee for that? I’m in Milwaukee, WI market not too far from Chicago. Sorry if I missed it somewhere.

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Hello, Can you advise if the sheet is current , doc says next update is on 15th OCT . Interested in XC60 (advanced , PS ) , can do max MSD , color except for black / white , 12k, zip # 80126.

Thank you .

Sheet has changed format - please see tabs for specific models and deals

Can you stack loyalty on the XC90s?

Yes you can

are these deals valid for TN residents?

Do any of the XC90’s have the towing package?

New Sheet is up (for XC90s and 2019 XC60s - will be deals on S60s and such tomorrow.

Crazy XC90 and V90 CC deal !

Great V90 deal!