Benedetto's May Midwest Volvo offerings - will ship nationwide

Any chance at getting any S60 T6 R Designs?

Good deals man!

Can we stack A-Plan discounts to these deals?

Nope - A plan is set firm.

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@Benedetto , I’m looking for
XC90 T6 Mom ( with Maroon brown interior) to be shipped to NC. let me know if there is a good deal.

Generally when shipping across country it has to be a much better program.

The R Design and Inscription have $2500 more in rebate so those would make sense, especially if it’s a loaner.

The Momentum is only $500 more in base program. Only a loaner would work for you there.

See above quote for crazy loaner posted earlier.

ok get it … thanks

Any black XC90 T8?

is the XC90 grey with lux advanced air suspension still available? what would a 12 k lease go for?

$15 more per month for 12k .

Hi I’m interested. Pmd

Sold Both!

What’s the shipping cost to FL for a T6 xc90? Or can these be replicated in FL?

For the S60 t6 inscription with advanced package do they also have the luxury package with the ventilated seats or do you have any like that

There is one available according to the spreadsheet. I was looking at that one as well… wonder if it’s got heated steering wheel…

All of them have heated rear and steering wheel - just hard to type that in info box.

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Line 16 pending

Some loaner T6 Momentums left and good deal on line 20 for 2020 70k R Design.

Yeah I’m looking for the ventilated massaging seats with the luxury package on the s60 t6 inscription I’m assuming it doesn’t have that

no S60 does. Need XC60 for those.