Benedetto's June Midwest Volvos - New Delivery program

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submitted an email and inquiry recently. looking for info on C40 lease with costco rebate. Live in WI. best way to get in touch?

We will not accept new calendar appointments as we are at capacity for the month.

If you are interested in a car, please submit an inquiry, and I will try to get to you by month’s end.


Is there currently a pull ahead program for Volvo?

6 months currently

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Quick question - If my current lease ends in September, when is the best time to reach out for getting another one? I’m interested in the XC90 Recharge but I dont see those listed in previous sheets.

Any good deals this month?

Put an inquiry in now - can always work a deal for now and wait until we are closed to your turn in date

June programs are a wash from may

Please view the sheet for up to date pricing


Inquiry sent on c40 looking for immediate lease. Thank you