Benedetto's August Midwest Volvo offerings - will ship nationwide

You might want to check your local market, CA is a different business center

I would like to find out more about the XC90s. What is the best way to contact you?

Please send an email w/ you request -

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Do you know how many months before lease end they will send the private loyalty offer?

Nope - it’s hit or miss if you even get it

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Do we see the Volvo market getting better in the next 6 months? Current state makes me sad, but guess that’s how everything is right now.

You got me a screaming deal on a 54K MSRP S60 loaner a few years ago ($399/mo) and now I’ve got 45 days left on the lease. Guess I’ll just buy it and hold and see what happens with leases. Appears the used car market is softening too so timing is everything on banking lease equity while also getting a solid lease deal.

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You gotta sign up as a service.


Private loyalty offer targeted or can be triggered?

Targeted, not triggered

August Volvo numbers will be posted on the 8th.

I will be out of the office until then unless otherwise scheduled.

Should be an exciting month!


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Ben need a demo xc90 6 passenger black exterior. Dibs

had a chance to post the August numbers yet?

I too am waiting. Guessing end of week.

@furkanakdmr @Grave252

You can email an individual request - I am waiting to hear on loaners before posting


All good, I am limbo and not in a real rush. Bought my 2019 S60 for 29K (has 30K miles), but its been 2 weeks and no title has arrived from Volvo. I can’t make a move until I am free and clear on that, should be able to squeeze a bit of equity out so long as the market doesn’t collapse (which it slowly is for used).

Thanks actually sent you a private message here but do I need to send you an email as well?

Any XC60 Recharge trims available?

Only if you want to pay MSRP

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Just wanted to do a quick post before I make an official update.

I’m getting a lot of inquiries from people rather far from the Midwest. I understand that the programs are fantastic but there still is a limited number of cars, especially for the 2022 model year.

If you do not have a late model or off lease vehicle, it is very unlikely my dealer will want the business. You have to understand that as a customer outside of their region, they’re going to prioritize those closer to them who they likely have a chance to sell multiple vehicles to.

I will look at all inquiries on a case-by-case basis, but if we spoken in the past and I’ve told you I’m unable to help you, that probably has not changed.

Edit: Those who have previously purchased a vehicle from me should be grandfathered in with my stores. While I can’t guarantee it, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get a vehicle if you’re out of region.