Benedetto West Coast Volvos - Feb 2/2 update coming

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Just wanted to check if there was any update for Feb yet?

I’m @ 9% across the board on all new units - plus the rebates and whatever the lease cash is.

This spreadsheet is the bain of my existence :sweat_smile:


That’s exactly why I don’t have a spreadsheet. It’s just too much to constantly update!


is this including the xc90 plug in?

Same question - any deals on the XC 90 plug-in?

Does this include the ev models?

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Guys - read the post

Exclude the XC40 - sold out.


Got any XC90 plug ins?

Any chance of a V60 Polestar lease? Not holding my breath, but figured I’d shoot my shot…

No shot … 202020

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Eh figured as much, thanks anyhow!

There are less than a dozen on the ground in the US. The incentives are good, the MF is straight usury, converts to ~ 9.5%. Dealers can’t seem to order them either, they have to wait for an allocation. #tragedy

I just happen to live next to what they describe as “the highest volume/selling Polestar dealership in the US” - Volvo Palm Springs, and they have at least one unit expected in mid-May. I just can’t even fathom what kind of numbers I would be looking at for a lease, especially factoring the $7500 EV credit

Any updates here? still 9% across the board? what incentives are we looking at? My existing Volvo lease is coming to an end but it appears that these just aren’t leasing well.