Benedetto West Coast Volvo Deals for May - Shipping Available

I want a xc60 t8 with adv pkg, air susp, white metallic, 12000 miles, 36 month lease.

can you give me a quote? thanks!

Apparently I have 4 hours to go before I can PM. Need to talk about a s90

Any of these PHEV that get purple HOV sticker? Open to XC 60 or 90

You’re looking for the t8 models.

Hi! I can’t open your spreadsheet for some reason. Any good deals on XC90 (hybrid preferred) this month? I’m in CA.

I’m looking to lease an XC 90 T6 Momentum.
Are these quotes still available For the month of November and December here in Southern California?

What is the best lease deal on a 2019 Volvo XC 90 T6 here in Southern California right now, and is it worth to wait till December to lease one?

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Nobody knows what the numbers for December will be, not even the Volvo dealers.


Sheet is current for month of November.

New format is coming to all my sheets and other brands soon after.

I am no longer able to access the spreadsheet - it appears blank. Am interested in V60 or XC40 numbers for November - thanks.

There are no V60s or XC40s on the spreadsheet.

Also, there are tabs down at the bottom of the sheet for XC90, XC60 and S60 pricing. Not for V60 or XC40 though

I just found that we have volvo a-plan elite from work, does it help with leasing xc90? Thanks

No, it does not. His deals are much better without a-plan.

Deals on XC 60s in SoCal?

Just curious if California will be getting any new deals for Volvo? Thanks!

@Benedetto Also looking for updated Volvo deals. Ideally an XC40 T5 in SoCal or AZ. Also curious about S60.

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I was just using the MidWest spreadsheet as a guide (although I know incentives vary fairly significantly by region) I wish those V60CC deals were avail in SoCal!

Same program in socal


cash due = down payment or due at signing?

sorry if I missed it