Benedetto West Coast Volvo Deals for May - Shipping Available

Well, I think I’ve done it. I’ve now got a Volvo dealer on the west coast willing to match Midwest deals.

As of May - there will not be a spreadsheet publicly available.

I will post some sample deals in the coming days.

I’m available via the following (PM as well but below preferred.)

Phone 586.265.5583


These are really good!

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Appreciate it - I’m going to work on getting an enhancement on a few units to bring them inline w/ some the crazy LH deals we’ve been seeing.

XC90 should be a hot item w/ the new ones out now.

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T6 R Design $67k $515 is an easy quick one.

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i assume these are all 2019? also why no s90?

No out of state deals? I m in Oregon.

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New Numbers posted for August. (Rebates didn’t change - will work on enhancement as month progresses)

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Do you have any XC60 T8?

New September numbers up - as always, working for an enhancement on numbers.


I think you need to lock your spreadsheet

Are deals on XC40 hard to come by? None of the attached sheets include deals on XC40. Just asking.

Hi @Benedetto any V60 coming up ?

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Hi @Benedetto any S60 T8 R design avail?

Sheet has been updated - will post as new units become available.

I’m guessing that the S60/S90 T8 prices still suck for the CA market?

I’ve only been seeing XC90 T8s

Any 2019 T5 R-Design available for Ca-Norcal?

A model would help.

Hi Benedetto,

Tried reaching out to you a few times over email regarding lease pricing on a Volvo. Would text, call, or PM suffice for a response?


Pm me your email so I can check, please.