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I wanted to give a big thumbs up to @Benedetto.

In the past, I took joy in beating up dealers. However, my job has me flying all over the place and so busy that it was not worth it to do so anymore. That’s when I obtained Ben as my hired gun.

I thought I wanted a Lexus ES or Genesis. He suggested I look at the Volvo S90 since my company has A-Plan with them. I never even considered Volvo. Volvo was one of those cars that just blended in with the background, it was never on my radar. I went and took a look, and I liked what I saw. While checking out the S90, I looked into the XC60 & xc90.

They car could be had with all the goodies I wanted (not black, lane keeping, heads up display, ventilated seats, 300+ HP, 1000+ watt stereo)

The only hard part was deciding exactly what I wanted. Once I finally decided, Ben went to work. I searched myself and knew that there were only a few of them out there that met my needs.

After a few weeks, he was able to find one that met all my needs, but the dealer didn’t want to play ball.

A few days later, Ben called and said that he had them down to just over what I wanted to pay, but thought he could squeeze a few more bucks out of them to get it in my acceptable range. This call was at 5pm, and I happened to be at home.

He got the deal set up with the terms I wanted at a dealer that was about 4hrs from me. By 10pm that evening, the dealer delivered the car, and I had signed the papers at my kitchen table.

I found Ben well organized, an observant listener, and a great communicator. Sometimes we would talk for 45 min or more just shooting the breeze. In other words, he is easy to talk to. I know he is a busy guy, but always made me feel like I was his only client.

With the work he puts in, I have no idea how he makes any money charging what he does. His fee is worth every penny.

I am loving my white 2019 xc60 T6 Inscription with Bowers and Wilkins sound and premium seating!

Thank you Benedetto!


I wanted to leave a brief review based on my experience. @Benedetto was able to find me a Jeep Grand Cherokee as requested. I was looking for a specific trim with limited inventory in my surrounding area. We had multiple set backs with the dealership playing “games” and Ben was still determined to find me the vehicle. In simple terms, Ben is knowledgeable, persistent and approachable. Would recommend to friends and relatives.


I highly recommend Ben. I was looking at a SUV for a reasonable price and within a certain period of time. As a first time leaser, Ben answered all the questions I had and was very patient with me. Once we nailed down the car I wanted, he begun his search. He kept me updated daily while he was doing his search. Eventually, we found a deal about 45 minutes away from me. Went in and signed the paperwork very quickly. The vehicle was at a port awaiting shipment and Ben got the dealer to deliver a loaner to my workplace. I have my car now and love it. Thank you Ben and I will be back in 39 months!


Just want to give a 5 star review for @Benedetto.

I was looking for a luxury 4 door sports sedan w/ all the bells & whistles with a $450 budget and 0 down. He had me look at the Guilia and the Infiniti Q50. Once on boarded he went to work right away and found me a deal within 2 days. Ended up getting a 2019 Q50 Red Sport (53k MSRP) for $445 per month (taxes included) and $445 DAS (1st month payment). 10k annual mileage for 39 months. I was in and out of the dealership within 1 hour with no surprises or BS at the dealership.

Bottom line… AWESOME service… AWESOME car and most importantly AWESOME PRICE… Thank you Ben and I’ll be reaching out again on my next lease!!


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It’s a Christmas miracle!


This review is a long time coming and well deserved for Ben. I started off with a fairly simple quest, to get a 2018 XC90 for my wife. I spoke with Ben, we talked about what I was looking for and I gave him what I thought was a reasonable expectation. Ben took the time to explain some of the changes with Volvo deals and we adjusted my monthly payment expectation slightly. Ben also explained to me that my local NorCal dealerships were typically unresponsive to negotiating and that SoCal was where we were going to make a deal. He gave me a list of dealers to peruse inventory, the issue ultimately wasn’t the deal, but rather, finding a car that fit our parameters. Ultimately, we found a car that my wife and I were happy with and Ben made a deal within 24 hours. We did a $62k XC90 Momentum 36/12 with $2,500 down for $690/mo including tax.

After the great experience, I followed up with Ben on a car for my Dad, this deal must have tested Ben’s patience and resolve like no other, yet he was incredible to work with. Ben is a very personable guy and will tell you what is and isn’t possible. Ben will even try to make the impossible happen . For us, we just couldn’t make a deal on the Land rover he wanted, so instead, Ben made a screaming deal on an Audi SQ5. We did a 2018 SQ5 Premium Plus, Daytona gray with red quilted leather seats and all options sans trailer hitch for a PP. Sticker on the car was $67k plus. Again, we put $2,500 down and did 36/12 for $730/mo.

However, that car only lasted two months before we got stirrings from the LR world where we ultimately offloaded the Audi to my sister and Ben helped me do a deal on a $79.5k Disco HSE Lux on a 36/12 deal with $2,500 down for $865/mo.

I consider these all to be great deals and Ben makes the process seamless. I will continue to use Ben for the great deals and stress free experience.


Just wanted to communicate another 5 star review for Ben. He helped me get a Volvo XC90 for a great deal and the whole process was smooth like butter. I’ve never purchased a vehicle outside of a dealership and was a little hesitant about how it would work.

I found the deal on the forums, left a message and Ben called me within a day. We talked about what I wanted, he found me the car the next day in exactly the combo I wanted, the dealer reached out to me and we completed the whole deal over the phone. The car was delivered to me the next morning and I was surprised to learn there was literally no catch. The price that was advertised was the price I paid. No hidden fees anywhere.

I’m super happy with this and I’d absolutely do this again. Also, I totally love my Volvo.


Fantastic experience with Ben from start to finish. Communication was quick and clear, and we were able to close the deal on New Years Eve (even better for tax reasons :grin:).

Deal was for an Infiniti Q50 3.0tt Luxe. Ben (and his contacts at the dealership) made the process so easy. In and out in 15 minutes with the car once we arrived onsite. This was my first experience using a broker and I can’t imagine ever going back.

Thx Ben!