Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states



I have also hired him to look for an F-Type R. He was up front about the whole process, his fees, and set reasonable expectations.


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I recently tried to avail of Ben’s services and sent him the retainer to help look for a QX60/ VW Atlas/ XC90 in NC. Although, in the end we could not work out a deal, here is the feedback:

  1. Prompt initial communication: Ben was quite responsive on the phone and via text messages. He clearly explained his services, the costs involved and how to pay the retainer.
  2. Provides services for North Carolina residents: Ben is perhaps the only legitimate lease broker who services NC residents. Anyone who has tried to negotiate with a car dealership in NC knows how difficult it can be to get anything close to a good lease deal and often how important getting a broker to help is. I had reached out to other brokers on LH but all focus on either NY/NJ/CT or FL or CA markets.
  3. Demonstrates expertise and professional behavior: I was getting confused with a dealer’s deal sheet and the LH calculator but Ben quickly saw through the numbers and showed how my VPP was not factored in. He also pointed out that Infiniti MSDs were not getting calculated accurately with the LH calculator. He also set expectations on what a good number would look like. Also, since I finally negotiated a deal on my own, Ben promptly refunded my retainer even though I never asked for it. He even objectively evaluated the deal for me and gave me important feedback on it as well.

I hope to engage Ben next year when one of my leases get over. I recommend his services to folks who might need help with a lease.


It sounds like he still spent a decent amount of time to help you with your lease. You might want to send him a gift card to show appreciation. (In b4 landfill)


Please let the time spent on the deal and the outcome and compensation be between Ben and me. I was leaving a review for his services.


yesterday I scheduled a call on calendly for today at 8am but i didn’t get a call?


You’re not on my calendar . …


strange, I thought it was weird I didn’t get a confirmation email or something when I hit confirm


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This is a simple review of my experience with Ben:

  • We worked together for over three months as he pinpointed the vehicles with the best value in the St. Louis market. He helped us narrow down our search from numerous 3 row SUV’s to the QX60 and explained to my wife and I why there was value in that vehicle.
  • During that time he was available whenever we needed him to check in with an update.
  • We made two decisions in this process limited his ability to find us a vehicle and each time he worked with us to understand what we were asking of him.
  • He willingly explained the details of the numbers to me and my wife as we worked with him and answered any and all questions we threw at him.
  • We put our lease quest on hold because of some job concerns. I felt I owed him his fee because he had done all the work on our behalf and he refused.
  • We plan on reaching back out to him when we do go back to market again, this was a great experience.

I’m very happy to recommend Ben to anyone.


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Ben is a cool guy. I spoke to him today about using his services and he identified I wasn’t the right match right now for him. Rather than leave me high and dry he gave me great advice. Ben is a stand up guy and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him in the future.


Benedetto is an amazing part of this community, and an outstanding broker. He shopped around various vehicles for me… Jaguar, BMW, Maserati, you name it… Dealers were not willing to play ball a lot of times. He did not propose me any of the stupid deals they were offering, and we would laugh at some of the deals they threw at us. Instead we narrowed down the search to realistic vehicles that fit my budget and we were able to obtain (lease time constraints). He worked with me day and night- e-mails, phone calls, text messages, at least once weekly, if not several times a week… So much so that we became friends. At the end of the day I got the car that I needed, and he met all of my expectations, far ahead and beyond of anything I could have hoped for.

Thanks so much my friend. Highly recommend Benedetto.


I just scheduled a call with you. I look forward to speaking with you!



Benedetto is a great broker and very easy to communicate with. He worked with me during day and night through phone calls and text messages. He provided great suggestions and ideas. With Benedetto’s help, I got an amazing deal on 2019 Volvo XC90 T6. I know Benedetto still holds several great deals in hand. I would suggest to talk to Benedetto immediately if you are in the market looking for an Volvo.

Thanks again for all the help.


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More Kudos for Ben. He did a fantastic job helping me source an XC60. I love the car, it is exactly what I was after. Ben was extremely helpful in working with me to narrow down what I was after, based on his experience, as well as working the numbers for me on quite a few alternatives.


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