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So it’s important to frame this

I see a post made by AJ , discussing how we’ve been working and he haven’t received ANY quotes.

Now perhaps quotes means something different to everyone, but in my world, that means verbally discussing deals from stores and providing in-writing details before you head to the store.

I can’t imagine how that’s true since we’ve talked about Florida deals, Georgia deals, North Carolina deals, South Carolina deals, hell we even talked about maybe doing something in Chicago from Zig Ziegler Maserati since I know that store well.

I text, that asking AJ to get on the phone. He is not available so I leave him a voicemail discussing that, how I do not like how this process is playing out nor that his voicing his displeasure on LH as opposed to me.

I tell him I will be refunding him and wish him the best.

Have I responded to Aj since that post - no, I have not. I’ve been in/out of the office for the last few days.

I should have returned AJ’s call.

However - grandstanding on Leasehackr is exactly how we got here and it’s only fitting that you’re posting about a refund, that I processed the day of, that you were told about in the voicemail, as if you didn’t hear that directly from me days ago.

Communication is a two way street.

And as I said on the phone AJ, I hope you do find that unicorn deal on the Maserati. I just wasn’t having luck in finding it.

Lastly, I see @EdiggZz liked you post and he is also someone I have on retainer. I’d also encourage you to shoot me a call when you’re available.

I’ll be available on the phone all day today.


Also, this would be the post that got my attention,

Which you also apparently updated, after listening to said voicemail.


Ben, whenever I have spoken to you on the phone you have been nothing but profesional. I appreciate all your efforts and I have nothing bad to say about you except your lack of communication.

That post I posted a couple days ago wasn’t malicious and I don’t feel like you should’ve took it that personal where you left me that voicemail saying you will refund me. If saying that “my broker has been working for 3 months and I haven’t gotten a deal yet” is offensive to you then idk what to say. I didn’t mean for you to take offense as that was the truth.

Again, you have been nothing but profesional on the phone and I wish you the best of luck. But don’t take offense to all the little things.


I’m not going to get into a sparring match on LH about who is right.

I don’t agree, end of story.


Ahh…I see what you did there. You guaranteed the end of August, just not WHAT August.

Well played


Only after he notified you on July 4th that he was dropping you as a client and issuing a refund and not being able to get you on the call. Why should he waste more time on you? That was the end and he didn’t have to respond to you.


Common courtesy. But I guess he lacks that.


So, what is it? You don’t seem to have the ability to make up your mind, and not only with your car search.


I hired him to find me a new Volvo.

Two emails, two phone conversations, 20 minutes maximum of my time: $335/mo for 24 months zero out of pocket.

Easiest deal ever.

Thanks so much Ben.

F the hater.


No one really cares. Everyone will be happy if you just stop wasting their time.


what mode Volvol? 202020


What model did you get?


I think it depends on the deal you are expecting. I mean programs and incentives fluctuate. A super deal today may not be possible. If you could do it on your own then why hire Ben? Seems like you wanted something unreasonable and he couldn’t make it happen. You were paitient but expected more attention and work by Ben. He said he should have called you back. It kind of seems though that you were trying to put him on blast on LH after he dropped you and gave your money back. Good for Ben, jerk move by you.


What’s contradictory about those quotes?

I’m not spiteful that Benn dropped me as a customer. That’s fine but to do it because I posted that I still haven’t found a deal in 3 months is really sensitive especially since it’s fact.

The deal that I was looking for in a Ghibli wasn’t unreasonable. But it’s hard to even say yes or no when I never got offers. Saying that you got numbers at one store and shopping those numbers at another store is not an offer. I told you weeks ago I’d take the California deal and pay the shipping fee. But what happened with that? No car still.

Im not hating Im being honest.


You can’t even spell his name. Talking about courtesy - you should have never asked for your retainer back after jerking him around for 3 months without any intention of taking a reasonable, at that point in time, deal.


Never got a deal. What part of that are you not understanding?


You know - I really wanted to drop this and move on but let’s inject some logic into this one.

Why would I, as a business want to close a deal w/ whoever in California for a customer in Georgia?

What happens if they fudge on the registration or taxes? They likely do not have the mechanism(s) in place to rectify the situation.

As I discussed prior, I would not consider a Cali deal for your situation. I told you that verbatim when you brought it up.

I expressed that I would shop the numbers I received from a different customer.

Now you’re beating a dead horse because former customers of mine and other LH folk do not agree with you.

BTW - I’ve had several customers on retainer for much, much longer vs the 3 months you keep mentioning.

I’ll say that again, I do not care nor do I worry about the length of time it takes me if a customer and I are on the same page.

I dropped you because you asked about an S550 for ~$1000 a month. That’s a pipe dream @ best.

Simply put - you’ve been refunded and you need to move on.


Simply put. After three months I have to look at other options. But let’s agree to disagree here and move on exactly like you said. Have a good day Ben.


You have to look at other options because you’re indecisive and delusional with regard to pricing. That’s been proven time and time again.


Wow, I came here to leave a review of Ben’s service but I’m going to stay for the comments.

However, first the review.

I hired Ben to get me on the Volvo S90 train well after the initial deals were well past done. Not only did he come through he was able to get me the deal that I wanted with $0/MSDs on the last day of the Costco deal. I can’t recommend him highly enough as he always answered my calls, dealt with my indecisiveness and provided guidance, and in the end got me a killer deal.

Best experience ever and I will be sending referrals and will definitely be reaching back out when I’m ready to lease my next car.

Thanks so much, Ben.