Benedetto the Broker; Operate in all of the lower 48 states



Benedetto is the man. He found and brokered a V90 CC T6 for me right before the end of the month. This was my first lease and he was able to walk me through my questions no matter how random they were. Communication was easy, I seriously have no idea how he handles the amount of clients he’s got but he does it damn well. The time and legwork saved throughout the whole process was worth more than his fee. I’ll definitely hire him again when this lease is up. With the amount of business he’s getting, I just hope it’ll be at a grandfathered rate… @benedetto? :slight_smile:


How much for the V90CC?


Unless you are a glutton for punishment, just hire @Benedetto. I easily wasted what it cost to work with Ben on one moron dealership in town, that promised everything and delivered nothing.

Ben was prompt, did what he said he would and was incredibly knowledgeable of the entire process. I came in having a rough idea of the car I wanted and the deal to be had, but Ben made it happen. He was always willing to go the extra mile, e.g. advice on getting rid of a hobbled old car.

Can’t recommend Ben highly enough, if you are waffling on whether to use him, just do it, trust me, its well worth the money.

Thanks Ben!!!


Post pics in Trophy Garage. Need a V90 there.


Ben was awesome. The entire process was seamless.

I got a phone call from him within 5 minutes of my first inquiry regarding his services. He called explained the process with adequate detail. In my case I had a few weeks before I needed to get the car I wanted but he got right to work and provided regular updates.

I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with the entire service Ben gives. I landed the car I wanted, with the options and the color combinations that I chose well under the price range i was looking to land at.

Thank you Ben for the 2018 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum Plus and will definitely be referring you to anyone in need.


Just picked up wife’s new infiniti qx60 premium plus awd over the weekend (socal). been working with Ben for about 2 weeks now and it’s been quite the journey. we started our search with a unique color-combo volvo xc90 but that ended when we couldn’t get a price that worked for our fam (that combo is EXPENSIVE!). then we steered the search towards a qx60 and Ben hooked us up with a fantastic guy who got us more (yes really!) than what we were looking for. after all was said and done we got $52k car for MSD’s+fees otd and $373/month for 15k miles per year. very happy wife now driving the car to get lightly tinted front windows. thx again Ben! totally worth the fees imo, as he completely cuts the B.S. outta car leasing. you don’t get the sales person until he’s finalized numbers so the back-and-forth is totally removed from the equation. and that’s not to mention the wealth of knowledge he provides while you’re working with him. that in itself is worth the price imo. let me know if you have any questions! ill post in trophy garage soon! one tip: make sure to ask him if he’s had his coffee yet before chatting :wink:


hi, i an new here but have been reading a lot on leases, i have been looking to get one suv since 3 years now, finally i liked xc 40 i need your help in getting best deal for it. how do i contact you?( i am in texas, austin)
thank you


@Benedetto made leasing our new 2018 S90 T5 AWD (pull ahead return on 2015 S60) a painless process. He got us a great deal (the manager even commented on it) and we love the new car.

He is a straightforward professional and I can’t recommend him enough.

Thank you again, Ben.

Broker in Oregon?

Just closed a deal with Ben last night. Was a great deal for me. Showed up at the dealership, signed my name a couple times, and was in and out with my truck within the hour. Highly recommend.


Hard to get any magic for such anew car.


Xc40 is a challenge, but not on the dealer side.

I’ve had several stores tell me that, they cannot sell below MSRP per Volvo.

Volvo has the right to seek profit on those units and they seem to be doing well in terms of sales too.

XC40, unfortunately is not a hackr-type unit.


Friend wants to lease a car as soon as feasible. He really wants an Lexus 2018 ES350 12X36 but SOCAL prices are up compared to May. He is trying to keep it under $350 is possible. Do you know of another car (semi-Lux) with those prices? His zip is 92108. Zero down and zero DAS.


I hear they are impossible to find, but my local Volvo store has 2 of them collecting dust on the lot. I guess a college town in the South isn’t the ideal market?


Likely not - Volvo stores are hamstrung on how they can sell them too.


I hired Benedetto to find a Ghibli lease a couple months ago (April). We weren’t able to get any good deals in the car in the three months since I hired him. I don’t mind being patient and waiting to get a LEASSHACKR Deal but the only issue I have with him is the lack of communication. Several times I’ve had to text and call multiple times to just get a response. I wish you would communicate better with your customers.

A Maserati isn’t the easiest thing to lease hack but I do expect that you be better with communication. I shouldn’t have to text you and wait 4 days for a response if I i hired you for a job. I wish you the best of luck Ben, but I’d like my refund.


Didn’t he drop you a few days ago and told you that he will refund your retainer (I think)? And now you are posting like it was you who decided to end your never ending car search with him. Bravo!


Why should he even have to refund you? You’re the most indecisive person I’ve ever “met”…2+ years now and can’t ever make up your mind


To Uranus: I don’t know. He hasn’t responded to my texts or call back in 4 days.

To Max G: I’ve been decisive on what I want when I paid him over 3 months ago. I gave him one car that I wanted which was a Ghibli. I have not got a concrete offer in those 3 months. I honestly should’ve hopped on what Brett got in Orlando but I was hoping Ben could get a better deal. I’ll do this myself and guarantee I’ll have a car by end of August. I’ll make sure to post the pics here.

BMW i8 Lease Search

Update: I got a refund from Ben. He refunded me before I even asked for it as well.