Benedetto helped me get into a 2019 Infiniti QX60 LUXE AWD

I just wanted to post about my experience working with Benedetto. I was looking for a luxury lease for under $400 with $0 down. With Benedetto help I was able to get a lease on a 2019 Infiniti QX60 LUXE AWD for $384 a month $0 down and 3 MSD for 39 months. Original sticker price was $49K.

I live in Michigan and Ben told me that my best bet was going to Ohio or western Michigan. We were able to get a deal in Dayton, Ohio which is about 3 hours away. That wasn’t an issue for me and I was able to get the vehicle I wanted for the amount I wanted.

Thanks again to everyone here who pointed me to Ben.


I’m also in SE MIchigan…would you mind sharing more details?

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Contact @Benedetto for details.

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